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_a p p l i c a t i o n_

[x]Name: Heather
[x]Location: Huntington, LI, NY
[x]Age: 17
[x]Sex: female
[x]Sexuality: straight
[x]Favourite Bands: Brand New, Everytime I Die, Fall Out Boy, The yeah yeah yeahs, Hot Hot Heat, Ima Robot, Anterrabae, As I Lay Dying, Funeral For A Friend, Cursive, Coheed and Cambria, atreyu

[x]Most Hated Band/Artist: Fefe Dobson and Jessica Simpson!
[x]4 Favorite Movies: Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, Say Anything, Better off Dead
[x]Worst Movie: The Prince and Me, it was just lame and predictable, I was forced into seeing it.
[x]2 favorite Books: The Glass Menagerie by Tenesse Williams [it's techincally a play but whatever] and Kiss This by Gina Arnold [a satire on the modern day 'punk' scene, soo funny]

[x]Views on new music: alot of the music that's comming out right now is either crap or music that's not new to me [ex: Brand New, Tbs...] but there's also alot of great new music on the local and international indie scene comming out [ex: new albums by.. alexisonfire, atreyu, eighteen visions..]

[x]Views on life: it's short so do whatever you can to enjoy it.
[x]Views on Politics: it's all bull shit. just get your facts straight so we don't end up with George W. as our president again. Everyone should know atleast a little bit about the politics going on in our country.
[x]Views on Michael Jackson: I looove his music from the eightes!
[x]Views on Metallica: (sorry Cardone) I can't stand them.
[x]Views on college: I can't wait to go
[x]Views on sex: ...um, yes please?
[x]Views on drugs: they are ok as long as you don't over do it
[x]Views on parents: mine are pretty horrible, espically my dad, i'd never tourture another soul, therefore i'm not having kids.

[x]Favorite Food: salad, i guess
[x]How many bites does it take to eat a reeses?: for me, about a billion.
[x]If you were gay who would you do and why?: oh gosh this one is easy.. Paris Hilton, she's so gorgeous.

[x]Paper or Plastic?: how about neither cause they are both bad for the enviroment, just use real dishes and canvas bags for groceries
[x]Gibson or Fender?: I'm a drummer but I still choose Gibson
[x]The Mars Volta or Sparta?or Both?: The Mars Volta, hands down

[x]Something that we dont know about you: I used to be in a ska band. It was in 7th grade, don't hate me.


...ok, so I posted 5 pictures instead of 5. oh well.

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