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I realize this isn't a very active community, but here.

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I'd really like to do something special with this community. It needs more members but that is beside the point. What do you guys think about me posting a creative task each week or month, whatever, and then members can try and complete it? I would give you a topic or phrase and then you draw a quick sketch based on the theme?
Let me know if you have any suggestions and please post some of your drawings, paintings etc... I will be posting some of mine very shortly =)

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Hey and welcome to Artifex. The community is pretty much under construction right now. I'm messing with the layout etc... For security reasons membership is closed. If you wish to join, you can contact me by commenting on the entry of my journal refering to this community. I will then add you to the members list. The reason I have done this is to protect peoples artwork and writing etc from thieves. In this community you may post anything from:

- poems, lyrics, short stories, singing/ instrument recordings...
- photography, painting, sculpting, drawing, portraits...
- piercings, tattoos etc...

Please join, as this will be nothing without members =)
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