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4.)How would you describe yourself? Ummmm, Happy, talkative and fun!
5.)Sexual Preference:Bisexual

6.)Abortion:I am pro choice as I think if someone say is raped, it is not fair to ask them to keep the child. Too much grief would be caused. I think abortion screening should be better though, and I think women should stop using it as a form of birth control. It is a last, last resort.
7.)War:Ah!I think innocent people should not have to die because Bush can't get his army to aim straight. I think Britain are silly for joining in, and I think Bush should've listened to his people when they said no. That's what democracy is for. I think all war is bad, I know I sound like a f**king hippy, but world peace needs to be found, ffs!
8.)Gay Marriages:If people are in love they should be able to show that. The fact that they are of the same sex is neither here nor there .They LOVE each other. That is enough for anyone I say.
9.)Sex before marriage:It's up to the people involved.

10.)Movies:Anything that actually captures my imagination. I realy liked Lord of the Rings. I think he spacial effects were amazing.
11.)Bands:Ummm, probably too many to list, but I love reggae alot. All the old favourites like Lee Scratch Perry, Eek-a-Mouse and Bob Marley. I also like goa trance and some rave music, depends on wether its too aggresive or not though. Oh and I like Queen! Call me sad, but I love them because it's what I grew up with!
12.)Clothes store:I like the clothes I make myself best.
13.)Place in the world: Anywhere where there is people I love. You could be in the most beautiful place on Earth, but if there is no-one there to love you it could be hell.
15.)Person in the world (and a picture if you have one): I can't answer that. I love my whole family, my boyfriend:
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And I love my best friend Jo very much. (contendedbeing, she is a member here.)

16.)Pepsi or coke:coke
17.)Urban Outfitters or Abercrombie and Fitch: Wouldn't know!
18.)Republican or Democrat: Neither
19.)Cat or Dog:I have both. They are both lovely pets for different reasons. I can't decide!
20.)Love or Lust:love
21.)Brain or bust:Both have their advantages!
22.)The OC or One tree hill:Haven't seen OTH so have to say OC?
23.)Johnny Depp or Collin Farrell?Johnny Depp
24.)Make us laugh:Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

25.)What do you want to be when you grow up? I am training to open my own florists.
26.)Hobbies: I love modeling. It's great fun and builds your confidence. I did a shot with Jo (contentedbeing) not long ago, that was lovely. I also love making clothes, and floristry which I am just starting now. I love the idea of making people happy on special days, and I love being creative!
27.)What would you do if you found out you were going to within a month?Going to what? I presume you mean die maybe? If that is what you meant then spend as much time with the people I love as possible doing as much fun things as possible I suppose!
28.)Kiss our ass:ummmm, thwhack?
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another modelling photo (with Jo)
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My body, sorry about the quality (phone camera)
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And me being silly!
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