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Am I hot?

1.)Name: Melissa Kemp (Mel)
2.)Age: 17, Ill be 18 in about 7 weeks :D
3.)Location: Essex, England
4.)How would you describe yourself? Depends what you mean....erm besides short? lol Boisterous, fun loving caring and quite intelligent I suppose
5.)Sexual Preference: Im straight, I'm in a longterm relationship and loving it:)

6.)Abortion: Its a very controversial issue, I dont think it should be taken lightly, I think it should only be considered if the mother/childs health is at risk, or if the mother is pregnant through rape or assault of some kind, other cases of unwanted pregnancy occur through stupidity, precaution should have been taken in the first place
7.)War: I suppose in some cases it may be necessary, but it always gets out of hand, killing masses of innocent civilians is never right
8.)Gay Marriages: Don't have a problem with it, I know the christian bible says its wrong, but Im not religious, I think they should be able to get married in a registry office or elsewhere
9.)Sex before marriage: Well I wont lie, Im in a long term relationship, and as you can probably guess, yes we have sex! Its ok as long as your in love and not just sleeping around. In England, sex before marriage is a common occurance, it only tends not to occur amongst devout christians and catholics.

10.)Movies: Rocky horror picture show (my icon), Moulin Rouge, Bruce Almighty
11.)Bands: Nightwish, Muse, Placebo, Queen Adreena, Queen, David Bowie, NOFX, Something corperate, Rancid, The Killers, Doves, My Chemical Romance...the list is endless!
12.)Clothes store: H&M, Camden Market, Lots of online clothing stores
13.)Place in the world: Home....cause its where I belong :)
15.)Person in the world (and a picture if you have one): I have more than one, all my friends, family and my boyfriend, Ill show my boyfriend though, he means the world to me, we've been together nearly a year and he spoils me rotten, he is also my best friend and I can tell him anything. His name is Dan and he is a little older than me...just turned 18 but looks a lot older.
Image hosted by thats his band pic for the bands website
Image hosted by One I took of him at my cousins christening

16.)Pepsi or coke: Pepsi...preferably pepsi max lemon & lime twist
17.)Urban Outfitters or Abercrombie and Fitch: neither, Im not really a designer girl, gimme h&m anyday
18.)Republican or Democrat: neither, I live in england and the political system is totally different, we have a main choice of conservative, labour, or liberal democrat, Id say Im conservative
19.)Cat or Dog: Dog
20.)Love or Lust: Love definitely
21.)Brain or bust: Brain, I dont think out of my boobs!
22.)The OC or One tree hill: I dont watch much tv, so neither :P sorry
23.)Johnny Depp or Collin Farrell? Johnny Depp
24.)Make us laugh: and
they are so random they made me laugh

25.)What do you want to be when you grow up? Either an optician or a graphic designer of some sort
26.)Hobbies: Chilling with my boyfriend and mates, going to the gym, listening to music, art, singing (i used to take lessons)
27.)What would you do if you found out you were going to within a month? going to what? I think you've missed a word out, if I was going to die? Id go to America and go on the big massive rides at places like Busch Gardens, cause Ive never been and its my life long ambition to experience some of the biggest rides in the world
28.)Kiss our ass: erm ok....Image hosted by Mwah!

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Image hosted by quite an old pic, but Ive ran out of decent ones, lol

these 2 Ive just taken
Image hosted by
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