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am I hot?

This is my first application.. wow.

1.)Name: Bryce
2.)Age: 20, soon to be 21
3.)Location: Several places indeed I stay in. Kentucky (no. I'm not a hick, sorry), and New York City for college.
4.)How would you describe yourself? I'm pretty funny I think, but thats just me giving myself a huge ego. I'm easy going, yet I get those sudden boost of energy out of no where in the most awkward situations. Like for example, at church. :/
5.)Sexual Preference: I'm straight.

6.)Abortion: I believe it should be allowed as an option for serious situations such as rape. I know that this option can be abused, but you can only hope for the good of people that they'll choose the right path.
7.)War: My father was in the military, went to Iraq before he died, and well, I believed that he fought for his love of the country. Although the Operation Freedom Iraq has led to some shaky ideas of our main intentions, you can only think "what would you really do if you were the President during 9/11.
8.)Gay Marriages: I believe everyone is given rights. I mean, I doubt I'm going to die if 2 men wed on the same day as I with my girlfriend. The only difference is one of them has a penis, and one doesn't. Is the government going to monitor their every move after marriage? Let's be serious...
9.)Sex before marriage: Boy, I'd seem blind to our culture, and seem really deprived and closed minded if I said, "I trust everyone will stay abstinent until they meet their soulmate." C'mon now, aslong as everyone is given the proper hm, instructions on using a condom, and not meaning putting it over a banana, then I'm sure, we'll be okay.

10.)Movies: Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, and any Wes Anderson movie (The Royal Tennenbaums, etc.)
11.)Bands: Taking Back Sunday, a secret Dave Matthews fan, New Found Glory, Dashboard Confessional, Something Corporate, Daphne Loves Derby, Gatsby's American Dream, Yellowcard and Jimmy Eat World
12.)Clothes store: ah, PacSun, Abercrombie, and American Eagle
13.)Place in the world: Syndey, Australia, I was born there, and love it
15.)Person in the world (and a picture if you have one): title or description
She doesn't know it yet, but I shall marry her one day. She's my best friend, whom I trust with all my heart. I'm a sap when I'm around her. :l But don't tell her.

16.)Pepsi or coke: Pepsi
17.)Urban Outfitters or Abercrombie and Fitch: Man, I can't choose both? lol Abercrombie
18.)Republican or Democrat: if I say Republican, I hope that doesn't count against me :/
19.)Cat or Dog: Dog, Huskies rock
20.)Love or Lust: gosh, I fall under lust, so yeah. Lust
21.)Brain or bust: Brain. A girl can have it all, but if she doesn't know left from right, then we have a problem
22.)The OC or One tree hill: Wow, uh. WB or Fox. uh, The OC, cause my friends, you just can't beat Chino.
23.)Johnny Depp or Collin Farrell? I thought it was Colin Farrell? But yeah, luck 'o the irish
24.)Make us laugh: My journal makes everyone laugh

25.)What do you want to be when you grow up? When I was a kid, I wanted to be Superman. Until I raced this car and realized that either I was really fast to end up in the same spot in .1 second, or that I suck at running. :/ And now I'm finding myself in the architecture department.
26.)Hobbies: I draw, not stick figures or anything, and play sports. Alot. And I play different instruments
27.)What would you do if you found out you were going to die within a month? Tell the girl I'm secretly in love with, that I'm well, in love with her :)
28.)Kiss our ass: It's come down to this? Gosh.

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My most recent one from last night lol
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Not like I'm begging for good votes ;)
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Sorry there's not another picture :/

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