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am i hot?

1.)Name: monica
2.)Age: almost 15 in may
3.)Location: ontario, canada
4.)How would you describe yourself? funny, wild, crazy, loving, sexy
5.)Sexual Preference: bi

6.)Abortion: i dont think its fair that people get abortions. if you have sex without a condom, i dont think that you should have the right to kill a poor baby when it deserved to live.
7.)War: .. its not useful. i think that we can solve problems in a more decent and civilized way.
8.)Gay Marriages: you cant put a gender on love.
9.)Sex before marriage: i personally dont think i will have sex before im married, but i am young and maybe when im older, i will change. i dont think that it is that big of a deal to have sex before you're married but use protection!

10.)Movies: eurotrip, the girl next door
11.)Bands: the used, brand new <-- those are my 2 favorites.
12.)Clothes store: west 49, boathouse
13.)Place in the world: california
15.)Person in the world (and a picture if you have one):
mike. my best friend

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16.)Pepsi or coke: hate them both.
17.)Urban Outfitters or Abercrombie and Fitch: haven’t shopped there yet but ill say abercrombie and fitch
18.)Republican or Democrat: don’t know what those are…
19.)Cat or Dog: dog
20.)Love or Lust: both
21.)Brain or bust: both
22.)The OC or One tree hill: the oc!!!
23.)Johnny Depp or Collin Farrell? johnny depp
24.)Make us laugh: .. how? lol i dont know what to say.

25.)What do you want to be when you grow up? either a doctor or a lawyer
26.)Hobbies: sleeping, watching movies, hanging out, listening to music
27.)What would you do if you found out you were going to die within a month? i wouldnt care about school and i would just go and spend all my time with every single person I love
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