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What I have in my heart must come out; that is the reason why I compose.

Evoke the passion of Beethoven

A Place for Passionate Beethoven Enthusiasts
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When I joined livejournal, I was very surprised to not find a Beethoven community, so, therefore I have created one. The requirements for joining is to have some interest in our dear composer; whether it be his music, letters, life, etc. Postings related to Beethoven are accepted. For any large postings, please include an ljcut.

When you first join, an introduction would be appreciated:

-Who you are
-Where you're from
-Why you are passionate about Beethoven
-How you first became interested in Beethoven
-Your favorite composition(s) by Beethoven

...And anything else you feel is needed.


1. NO Beethoven - bashing.
2. NO flaming of others' entries. These will be automatically removed. -Just be nice, people!

In all, this is a place to discuss the transitional composer and related topics. Be inspired.

Moderator - changing_heaven
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