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I'm so happy to find this community! Always good to have a place where I can wax poetic about my all-time favorite composer.

-Who you are: My name is Hannah, I play piano.
-Where you're from: Southern California
-Why you are passionate about Beethoven: He's just...awesome. There are a few artists who have the ability to directly translate their personal struggles into the architecture of their music, to the point that it feels almost like you are intruding to listen, it's so private and raw. Beethoven is one of them. There are so many reasons why I am passionate about him. His innovation, his economy, his slow movements. Harmonically-based melodies. Knowing the rules and breaking them so broken and yet so good. Triumph over struggle, and not always the triumph you were expecting. Sometimes too much of the triumph you were expecting! He's so human, and yet so great. I love him.
-How you first became interested in Beethoven: I took a Beethoven class as part of getting out of first semester theory. I've been hooked ever since.
-Your favorite composition(s) by Beethoven: A lot of his sonatas, especially Op. 53 and all the late ones. Op. 109 especially. And all of his slow movements from the sonatas. I'm not that big on his concerti (although "Emperor" is always fun), but that may just be because I haven't spent that much time on them. I find the more I study a piece by Beethoven, the more I fall in love with it. So most of my favorites have been pieces or movements that I have studied (either by performing or in analysis classes) throughout the years.
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