V (chaconnedm) wrote in appassionata_,

Intro from a newbie

-Who you are
Vick. Slightly nerdy, suffering from severe addiction to classical music.

-Where you're from
India, originally. Currently living in Southern California.

-Why you are passionate about Beethoven
I don't know. Just cannot help it.

-How you first became interested in Beethoven
Coming from a different culture with its own rich music tradition, I didn't have much exposure to Beethoven (or classical music) beyond the odd snippets of Fur Elise/moonlight sonata clubbed within random other stuff in 'best of' collections.
After superficially listening to various genres of music for 25 yrs, one day I happened to be ambushed by the 2nd movement Allegretto from the seventh symphony. That was the first time a piece of music, and apparently such a simple one, had made me choke up. And this happened when I was not even paying full attention to it!

-Your favorite composition(s) by Beethoven
Late String Quartets, Op 18 No.1, Razumovsky quartets, symphonies: 3,5,6,7,9, piano sonatas, Piano Trio 'Archduke', Piano concerti 4&5, Violin concerto, Overtures Coriolan, Egmont, Leonore III...Brahms first symphony ;)
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