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Hi, I'm new here...

O Freunde,

-Who you are
Nick, guitar player, 29 years and 11 months old.

-Where you're from
Gothenburg, Sweden

-Why you are passionate about Beethoven
Because no one has transformed music and the artist's image in the same way. Not to mention that no one has ever written such fantastic music.

-How you first became interested in Beethoven
It seemed that Beethoven had written all the classical pieces that I liked the most. The Pastoral Symphony really intrigued me, since I had no idea he could write such cheerful music.

-Your favorite composition(s) by Beethoven
Symphonies nos. 5, 6 and 9 (in no particular order), piano concerto no. 4, string quartet in B flat op. 130, piano sonatas in C minor op. 13 "Pathétique" and op. 53 in C, cello sonata in A op. 69.
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