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Hello, my name is...

-Who you are
A 29-year-old web geek, husband, father, dog-owner, etc.
-Where you're from
Spent the first 22 years of my life in western New York state, lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for six years, moved to western Maine last year.
-Why you are passionate about Beethoven
Because no other composer or musical artist, before or since, has so completely captured both the complexity and the universality of human existence in music.
-How you first became interested in Beethoven
Attended a performance of the Moonlight sonata when I was a teenager and found myself in tears at its beauty. Soon thereafter I acquired many more recordings and found the same to be true.
-Your favorite composition(s) by Beethoven
As I grow older, I find myself drawn more and more to his later works. The Hammerklavier sonata, particularly the third movement (and particularly the part about halfway through the movement where the tempo picks up, the left hand descends followed by the right hand playing those beautiful, straining, pleading notes... the part that starts around the bottom of this page and continues into this page and beyond). The last few string quartets are amazing as well. Also, Missa Solemnis is breathtaking. As for a favorite symphony, I'd have to go with the seventh or the ninth (or maybe the fifth, possibly the third...)
Anyway, glad to be aboard.
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