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-Who you are: Hi, I'm Kevin. I'm an addict. A Beethoven addict. It has been 27 hours since my last Beethoven.
-Where you're from: I currently live in Madison, WI, but I've lived all over the US (and in Montreal), except the South.
-Why you are passionate about Beethoven: I don't know. Beethoven has been my favorite composer since I was very little. Now he kinda shares first place with Bach.
-How you first became interested in Beethoven: Listening to records with my father when I was tiny.
-Your favorite composition(s) by Beethoven: Oh my. Well, this isn't stable, but, let's say, for starters ...

Symphony Three (which I have performed (I am a violinist, or, one could argue, a former violinist)
Symphony Four
Symphony Five (which I have performed many times)
Symphony Seven (which I have performed even more times)
Symphony Nine

piano sonatas 29-32

The Diabelli Variations

piano concertos 1, 4, and 5

The Triple Concerto (which I have performed)

violin sonata #10

the middle period string quartets

string quartet op 130, especially the Grossa Fuga
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