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ta da

 I am new here like fresh milk

I like the concept behind this comunity.

So i joined.

And i suppose it doesnt hurt to say...*drum roll*

Hello world

that was that  :0)

goodnight ,I am shlleppyy



i've joined months ago and this is my first post. im so lazy. hate me if you wanna. so yay, im new.. and I REALLY WANNA GET OUT OF THIS FUCKING SCHOOL RIGHT NOW but i cant. im trapped till saturday.
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cool, i joined, now i feel special..this is called dark poem, actually untilted...obviously about a girl

saw you
i saw you
i know what you want
you want a part of evereything
everthing you had
you loved too love again
in a difrent sureal world
a world without pain
a world without anything
i lay in your hell
awake with every glance they take
i feel you falling down
against the grain
you want too be everything
i want nothing anymore
all i want is too be alone
its all i ask
what is it you get
do you get anything at all
the dark shadows growing
the exhibition is over
go home
i painted it softly for you
the punishment is through
im still thinking about you


welcome, to my very cool community. feel free to post what you would like, chances are you will be added as a member. this is not a stuck up and rule filled community. this is FUN! post pictures (no nudity please), lyrics, thoughts, whatever. have fun, kids!

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