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antm____'s Journal

America's Next Top Model
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about us.

The mod over at topmodel actually has a life and got too busy to moderate her community, so, at the suggestion of nikoel, I decided to take the initiative and make a new community. With an actual living, breathing mod. Hopefully this will become *the* place to talk about America's Next Top Model the way the other community was. Say a small prayer for our dearly departed community...

    Just a few of the things that led to the formation of this community out of topmodel that you should AVOID:

  • Cut all spoilers. We're glad that you just saw the episode and have all your commentary ready to post exactly 30 seconds after the show ended...but this is a BIG country, and the West Coast hasn't even seen the opening credits. And nevermind the fact that some people watch the re-run as opposed to the initial broadcast. So cut any potential spoilers.
  • No drama. Who doesn't like a little LJ-Drama from time to time? But if you're just starting stuff for the sole purpose of being an asshat - that's not cool. And we'll have to lay the smack. And where will we lay it? DOWN! Be nice to folks. Except the models.
  • Read recent posts. If it's been said 80 times in already, chances are we really don't need you to say it again. Try not to be too repetitive with the same comment about the same chick in the same episode post after post. Be original - give us something different.
  • VOTE! Because if you're eligible and you don't....you're a bad American.


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