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Fan Fiction

I noticed that our house isn't doing so hot in the points department. So I went against my better jugdement, and Im submitting my Fan Fiction. Im really self concious about my writting, so dont be too harsh. Im not sure if its 1000 words, but it should be close. This isnt finished, but it would take a long time to finish it.

Love Is Magical

"Ron is doing it, again"
"Geesh, RON! Stop pretending that Hermionie is your pillow."
"Thank Merlin." Ginny Weasly was packing for her 5th year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She wasn't to keen on going back , now that Lord Voldemort was back. But as long as Neville was there. Many people thought that Neville wasn't worth her time, but to her, he was a prince. She thought his clumsiness was adorable and that when he got flustered in class that it was cute. Neville was her perfect match, while being her complete opposite. Ones weakness was the others strength, so they could support each other.
"Okay, Im done packing finally."
Ginny lurched down the stairs. At the kitchen table was Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, Ron's best friends and her friends too.
"Hey guys, when did you get here?"
"About five minutes ago." Harry replied. DRAT! That means Hermione missed the pillow accident. Maybe she could still get something out of it.
"So, have you two heard of Ron's new game he plays?'
"What game?" Hermione inquired.
"The one with the pillow." Ginny replied simply.
"GINNY, SHUT UP." Ron bellowed, while Ginny burts out laughing. Hermione glanced at Harry, "I wonder if we are missing anything. Harry just shruged, as if he had an idea what the pillow game was.
"Bed, early start tomorrow." Called Mrs. Weasly
Ginny, Harry, Hermione, and Ron walked up stairs.
"Bye, See you tomorrow." Ginny and Hermione called to the boys retreating backs as they went to the top most floor, leaving the girls in front of Ginnys door. They walked in, changed, and got into bed.
"Night...." Ginny said as she drifted off to sleep.

"Dont you yell at me young lady, everyone else is at breakfast and you are still asleep!"
"Im coming!" yelled Ginny as she opened the door to find a grim Mrs. Weasly standing there.
"Get going."
In the kitchen everyone was looking very tired.
"Ginny, have you went over all the prefect rules?"
"Yes, mother Hermione. Some times I wish I wouldn't have made prefect."
"Dont snap at Hermione, She was just trying to help." Ron said.
"Since when do you care?" Hermione said with a raised eyebrow, as Ron buried his face in his cereal.
"Cars are here." Mr. Weasly called.
Great thought Ginny, things have been going so much better since Mr. Weasly had gotten a promotion. She actully had all new things now. But that was also because Ron and her were the only Weasly kids left in Hogwarts, and they both were prefects.
Ginny hauled her trunk and her new owl, Alice into the taxi. Alice had been her gift for making prefect, and her name came from Neville's mother, whom deatheaters had tortured and made her lose her mind. One of the deatheaters they had met just 3 months before, but that was another story.
They arrived at Kings Cross Station at 10:55, and they all sprinted for the barrier between platform 9 and three quaters. By now Ginny was used to this. The platform was hidden behind the barrier, and all you have to do to get to it is walk between the two platforms, and make sure no muggles see you and phase through the barrier. And there it was, The Hogwarts Express, a huge, gleaming steam engine. Students in robes and muggle clothes where milling about looking for friends. Ginny put down her trunk, looked over everyones head, and found him.
"NEVILLE!!! Over here!"
"Ginny!" Neville ran over, out of breath. He was a little pudgy, but Ginny liked that.
Ginny pulled him into her arms and kissed him.
"Im so lucky to have you," she murmered in his ear.
"No Im the lucky one to have you." Neville replied.
"Yes, Yes your each very lucky. Hurry up lucky ones or you will miss the train." Mrs. Weasly said with a disapproving look, though her tone said that she was happy with the pairing.
"Yes of course," Ginny said, detaching from Neville. They walked into the train and kissed once more.
"I'll meet you in a few minutes. It shouldn't take long in the prefects carriage."
"Okay, see you then. I love you." He kissed her once more, and walked toward the carriage where Harry was waiting for him.
"Ginny, looks like you and Neville are getting pretty serious." Hermione remarked as Ginny entered the prefects carriage.
"Yeah, Neville is perfect. I dont think I could have asked for someone better than him. I love him so much."
"Maybe I will find love someday." Hermione sighed.
"Well, maybe if someone would get a move on, you could." Ginny remarked under her breath.
"What was that?" Hermione asked.
"Yes it was, you said, 'if someone would get a move on, you could' I heard you."
"OKAY, OKAY. Hermione, I really like you, and I have liked you for awhile. I used the pillow to practise how I was going to tell you." Ron said.
"Oh, Ron, I feel the same way. I'm so glad that you told me. I love you too Ron." and she pulled him in for a kiss.
"Dismissed." The Head Boy Said.
"Wha.....we missed the whole meeting?" Ginny asked.
"Who cares?" Hermione said.
"Wow, thats a first." Ginny said, and they went off to find Harry, Luna, and Neville.
Neville was setting there looking out the window while Harry and Luna were making out.
"Break it up you two. You might need to breath soon." Ginny remarked as she went and sat on Neville's lap. There was no reply, just a shake of a head. So the other followed by their examples and did the same.
Harry broke off from Luna, and looked at Ron and Hermione. "Wha......?"
"I'll explain later." Ron said, stopping just long enough to answer Harry's unasked question.
"It's great being in love." Ginny said, and with that, they sped off towards another year at hogwarts.


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