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sorry, i don't have the time for this anymore.
i will re-open this community in a few months though.

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Hi, this is a new community to get rid of fakers on livejournal.
If you think someone might be a faker, we are making an archive of fakers who have been found out with real links where possible to the real person.

Its been going on so long now and its highly annoying. I am posting this to communities but mostly rating ones as this seems to be the point for most fakers. If you find any if you could add them to help others out it would be much appreciated. Or just pass the info onto my and I shall post it. It wasn’t until my friend was faked and I shut my livejournal down due to it that I decided to do this.

Thanks  Join and spread the word!

Lori x

Sorry to post in a community, delete if you wish.