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..Let us deciede.

Are you gorgeous?
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All Members , Moderated

This is a rating community where you will be judged by your photos and the application form that is required for new applicants to fill out. If you can not obey the following rules below, then please leave now.

The Mods

nice_tattoos [Owner.Mod.]
AIM: k i ckmeimguilty

About Niki: Niki is quite critical, and will not whisper little nothings to you to higher your self-esteem. She will get straight to the point and explain what her likes & dislikes are about you. Keep in mind, if you receive a yes by her, you should feel honored.

neverexhale_ [Co-Mod]
AIM: xjustaddwaterxx

About Mike: The way Mike rates is pretty much similar to Niki. He is a little more critical, and he will tell you straight off the bat what he dislikes about you, and what he likes about you, but over Mike is pretty fair with his rating system.

The Rules:

If you'd like to apply:

If you break any of the following rules, you are going to be automatically rejected .

1) Type " New " in the subject line before you fill out your entry.
2) Fill out the application form with clear & thorough answers. (BOLD THE QUESTIONS!)
3) Please do not be lazy when filling out the application. Shorthand answers can often be misleading. Also, DO NOT LEAVE ANY ANSWERS BLANK!
4) When you joined this community, you basically signed a form stating that you will tolerate any comments that are said about you, and will not take them in an offensive matter.
5) Please do not comment and/or rate in any other entries until you have been stamped by a Mod.
7) Make sure you apply within atleast 3 days of joining, other wise you will be deleted from the community, and you will have to rejoin.
8) If you argue with a Mod, you will be banned from this community.
9) You must be atleast 13 years old to apply.
10) Do not fill out an application without a picture of yourself. If you do not have pictures, then please don't apply. It is as simple as that.If you have pictures loaded onto your computer, but you do not have a picture host, go here:

If you have been accepted:

1) You now can comment and/or rate in any entry, and you may promote this community wherever you'd like.
2) When you vote, please be honest and do not tell the person lies to make them feel better about themselves.
3) If you are having a conflict with another member, do not post rude comments back and forth to each other in entries, please contact a Mod, and we will deal with it.
4) You are welcome to make icons, and stamps for the community, but they must be accepted by all of the Mods.
5) Please do not whore other communities in here, if you are going to mention a community, then leave an entry first, and mention the community at the bottom of your post. Thank you.
6) Even if you are going to say yes, please tell the applicant what you dislike and like about them.

If you have been rejected:

1) Do not delete your post if you have been rejected. If you do this, we will make sure to re-post whatever entry you deleted and make you look even more stupid!
2) If you have been rejected, you may re-apply within the next 2 weeks. Try to fix up whatever you were rejected for, and who knows, maybe your look will change.

Copy & Paste This!
(note: this is just the basic questions for the application. You must bold the questions on your own when you go to post your application. You must also put this behind an LJ cut, and add pictures.