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You're all that matters

All That Matters
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This is a slash roleplay community for bands. No movie stars, please. However, moviestars/singers are accepted. We have nothing against females... We just like slash. :)

1. You cant tYpE lYkE dIs. If you're too lazy to add two letters to 'u'.. then you need help.
2. As in any role play community, we believe in the believability rule. Please know about your character and be able to play them well.
3. If by some reason, we see fit to remove you from the community, we will do it. Dont think we wont.
4. Marriage will also have to be granted permission by a mod if you and your significant other have been together for UNDER 4 weeks. Any time after that, knock yourself out.
5. Mpreg is definitely acceptable, but only if you and your significant other have been together for a period exceeding at LEAST 5 weeks, with permission from a moderator. Anything before 5 weeks, will be further discussed and considered by a mod.
6. Suicide is not the answer. We dont want you or your character to die, unless your character dies in real life. Also, hard drugs are bad. Weed, on the other hand, is acceptable.
7. If something happens with another character, please do not take it out on the rper. It's role play. No need to make it OOC.
8. To prove that you have, in fact, read the rules, when we ask for an example of your sexual technique, type: Anyone will do tonight.
9. All journals are to be friends only.
10. We require that everyone be at least 15 years old.*** (If we have already accepted you, you can stay, unless we see fit to kick you out.)
Character's Name:
What they are famous for:
LJ Name:
AIM name:
Example of your sexual technique:
how many other rpgs have you been/are you in: