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akame_ : the Jin/Kazuya community

Special Happiness

赤西仁 x 亀梨和也
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This community is dedicated to the relationship (whatever you make it to) between Akanishi Jin and Kamenashi Kazuya from KAT-TUN.

★ No flaming or hating on other community members.
★ Do not plagiarize, or claim other's work as your own even if it's just inspired by source credit it. If found guilty of plagiarizing your posts will be deleted and you will be banned from the community.
★ All Graphics, Fanfictions, Pictures, Videos, Mp3s must be Akame or related to Akame.
★ Mark the subject line or your post as [Fic], [Drabble], [Graphics], [Icons], [Fanart], [MP3], [Videos] based on what your post contains.
★ If you are going to post pictures, graphics, fanfics, etc, put them behind lj-cut. Graphics outside lj cut should be less than 450px and all ".gif" graphics for Fics should be under lj cut as well.
★ Member Posting [of any kind] is limited to one per day.
★ Use the default font SIZE and COLOR of the community.
★ Locked fics must be open for a minimum of 3 days.
★ All entries must have proper tags and should be bracketed. If your entry is not tagged/bracketed, after one warning it will be deleted.
★ If you wish to advertise on the community, please communicate with @Pinkynishi beforehand.
★ Akame main pairing only. Side pairings are allowed.
★ Request Author Tag should be done in the Master Post and should include links of 3 on-going/finished Akame fics with the preferred username.
★ Need help on how to post? Check the master post: tutorials.

Fanfiction Format and rules below:

Subject Line: [ ] Posting subject

Author’s Note:

About Excerpts & Chapter Enumeration:

In light of more and more authors starting to use excerpts on their posts, all excerpts must serve as the LJ cut for the current chapter being posted.


All subsequent chapters linked to the current posting must be formatted as follows:

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 /

This minimizes space taken up on the post and the length of the post as it appears on the community page.
NOTE: any excerpt questions, concerns, issues must be taken up with Edens_Despair. Any formatting questions, concerns or issues can be taken up with any of the moderating staff.

Questions?Comments? Concerns???
Please direct all correspondence, whether it be the simplest comment on the community, asking a question of the Moderation Team or to find someone to discuss a serious issue you're having with the comm, etc to Pinkynishi through LJ or Twitter.

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