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Looking for a lost friend

Hello there!
I recently remembered that I used to roleplay with one of the community's members, but the correspondence abruptly stopped in 2009. Ever since then, this person hasn't posted anything on their Lj blog. They go by the name planetamoi. I tried to reconnect back in the day, but was unable to. Does anybody know what happened to them? And how can I get in touch with said person?
Thanks a bunch and have a nice day!


I have recently acquired some AnK doujins from my friend. She asked me to ask you guys if these have been scanlated or not because she badly wants to read them (and me as well). Perhaps some of you guys may know a website that hosts the scanlated versions of the following...

If there's none and there's someone willing to translate these, I can give copies of the doujins.
Thank you!

Alternative Ending to Ai No Kusabi

I accidentally discovered AI NO KUSABI very late last year; December of 2014. This was my fourth yaoi anime and I did not expect very much from any yaoi animes, except it being a good waste of my time. I watched the 2012 remake first and thought Iason was a beauty. He won me over when I saw him with his shades on, at the auction house, in Mistral Park. (I totally understood why Riki fell in love with him; who wouldn't? He's absolutely gorgeous!). He (and his voice actor) was the only reason why I was able to finish the first four parts of the remake and the reason I had to google about Iason. And because I googled Iason, I found out about the 1992 OVAs and watched it. I did not understand everything because the story kept jumping back and forth so I did not cry when Riki and Iason died. The heart wrenching part for me, was when I saw Katze's tears silently rolling down his cheeks, and then he started sobbing really hard and covered his mouth, so as not to make any noise. My heart literally broke in two. I automatically and instantly reached out to touch my computer screen (with Katze in it) and started crying with him. I didn't know all the details of the story, but Katze's tears kept a tight grip on my heart, and from that moment on, I could not let go. At first, I lost sleep, then started obsessing over Riki, Iason, Katze, Guy, and then fell in love with Riki and Iason. For three straight months, all I could do was think, talk, and read anything and everything I could find about them. I am proud to say I am the owner of novels # 1-3 and #5-6. I am so heart broken that I was not able to buy #4 and #7-8 at reasonable prices. (The prices for these volumes were well over $150.00 and I could not afford that. So sad).

I would like to write an alternative ending to Ai No Kusabi and it would start out like this:


It has been 15 long years. Riki was finally forced to make the trek back to Amoi, back to Midas, and back to where he had buried his heart. He was nervous. If only he could avoid going back, he would, but in this case, he couldn't. He looked down at the two silver rings in the palm of his hand, one plain and the other with a deep cobalt gem. Recalling the bittersweet memories of a time gone by, of a world he left behind, he gently caressed the rings, turning them round and round in his hands. He slipped the ring, with the cobalt gem, on his left ring finger and a soft, bittersweet smile, gently graced the corners of his mouth.

A faint, "Iason...", unconsciously escaped his lips.


(The alternative ending would begin with the scene at Dana Burn, where Iason goes to meet Guy because he says he has something to return to Iason. Instead of Guy giving Riki a penectomy, he drugs Riki and cuffs him to a metal bar in the back of the dark room. Riki's eyes are heavy with sleep and he is slipping in and out of a stupor, unable to tell reality from a dream. Guy is sitting a few feet in front of Riki, further hiding Riki from view, while he waits for Iason to show up).

"Riki, I'm going to kill Iason today and free you from this nightmare", Guy whispers vehemently as the door to the room crashes open.
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Happy New Year and some AnK project updates

Originally posted by kitsunebella at Happy New Year and some AnK project updates
2014 has got only 24 hours left! It's not that this year totally sucked but I think I won't get any arguments that it has worn out it's welcome for the most part and I'm looking forward to the new year. I have some projects in the works for the first quarter of 2015 and I'm looking forward to see how they will pan out.

Aside from my plans I already have in place for my other blog sites that will be kicked into high gear for the new year (more on these a little later) but as for my projects involving one of my favorite yaoi novels/anime of all time, Ai No Kusabi, I have a couple of news items I can spill at this juncture, though I'm not at liberty to divulge everything...that would be telling wouldn't it? However I can give away some updates on future plans for translation projects. After quite an encouraging response for my brief translation sample that I posted a few weeks ago to the AnK community, I'm very pleased to say that I plan to do more....much more in fact.

Novel Translations
Since there have been some disappointments amongst fans (myself can be included amongst them) in the DMP translations of the series especially with the final volumes (Vol. 7 in particular) and specially the last chapter in Volume 7, I've taken it upon myself, using my very beginning Japanese knowledge, the gargantuan task of translating this quite contentious chapter. I began the translation a few weeks ago after it took a few more weeks prior to work out the original Japanese text transcription in order to make it easier for me to work on the translation in tabular form. I'm pleased to say that this chapter is completely translated with only the 4-page epilogue to work on now. At this rate I should have this mini project completed by the end of the week with only the proofreading of the translated manuscript to go through. But I won't keep any of you in suspense and I'll post this one very soon, within the next few days, perhaps as an New Years gift. :)

From my first translation exercise has spawned some requests to continue the abandoned fan translation from many moons ago. Well, I have something to say about this request...several somethings actually....
1) Firstly, it will happen...but not right away.
I have plans for all of this but I want to figure out first the best way and the proper way to handle it. Only because I'll be in a sense riding on the coattails of someone else's work so I need to put on my diplomatic hat and make sure that whatever I do, I won't be stepping on any toes as I'm doing it. I want to be fair to the original group that worked on the original fan translation project. I'd like to hope that I will be putting my best foot forward and do my very best work if I'm to pick up the torch, as it were, from where they left off and I'm not really sure where that end point truly was. If I were to, I'd pick it up from chapter 4 of the original novel (this is the second edition), and then continue on to the end. I will always give credit where it's due. I had an idea for the entire novel series but that won't be divulged right now (still working on the details).

2) Related to Number 1-- I've been kicking around the idea of doing a completely new translation of the series using the current Chara Japanese editions (6 volumes) as the source for the new translations. This would be an awesome project and HUGE undertaking. It'd be cool for a number of reasons: series as a whole has been expanded upon by the author. In the Chara editions Volumes 1-2 (possibly 3 and 4) are in omnibus format and they comprise volumes 1-6 of the third edition (Crystal editions) and I think some of the extra stories that have been released have been included. BUT....in as much as I would love to be able to do this....time and ability are the factors that are keeping me back from this one. Perhaps this one will happen, but I'm not going to make any promises at this time.

3) NOW----the first of my big AnK news---- back in April I obtained a copy of the all ready out of print AnK prequel novel MIDNIGHT ILLUSION. I'm in the process right now of translating the first chapter and I'm about a quarter of the way through. At the current time, the entire novel has been scanned and chapters 1 and 2 have been transcribed. Once my current translation project is completed I'm going to resume my work on this one. No date is cast in stone as yet as to when I'll post the translated Chapter 1 but hopefully it will be soon; at the very least I'd like to have the first two chapters posted in the first quarter of the new year. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

This comes to my BIGGEST news item---

Ai No Kusabi fan site
My own fan site for AnK will be due to launch in January 2015! This one has been in the planning stages for several months now. I have the domain lined up, the template design worked out (though this may change prior to launching the site) and now it's only coming down to the introductory posts and planning the post schedule. I know there are other fan sites/blogs for AnK out there but my plan was that I wanted to have the most comprehensive, up-to-date site out there. Right now, I'm considering this will be where I'll be posting my translations.
Also I have the blu-rays of the 2012 remake and it came with not only Rieko's interview but also interviews with: director and character designer (this was a two part interview) and interview with both the director and the sound designer/director. These I'll have to work on translations for and will be posted to the blog. The blu-rays also came with a really nice "memorial" an art book which I already have scanned. I just need to fix up the images and translate the captions. I recently picked up the DVD of the original anime and it came with a replica of the original the dubbing script for Part 2 that belonged to Kaneto Shiozawa-san complete with his red-pen marks! Squwee!!!! :)

Any one who wishes to contribute to the site, please drop me a private message and send me your pitch. Since it will be a blog and not just a website per se, there will be a means for visitors to comment on posts and possibly guest blog. I have something else planned in relation to the blog site but I am not ready to let go of this one just yet....but soon...VERY SOON. I would like feedback on it so you will get word of this other project soon.
I'd also like some feedback on what things you'd like to see on the blog. Any and all ideas will be considered.

Well, that's all for right now.
Time for me to get to bed so I'll be able to wake up and get cracking!

Happy New Year everyone!

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My very first AnK novel translation...

I owe all of you so much more....but this should do for a start....
For your consideration....
Gallery2 684
間の楔 (Ai No Kusabi— The Wedge Between)
By Rieko Yoshihara
Vol. 6- Chara Edition
Fan translation
Pgs. 293-295

Translator's Note: Naturally, I have to begin with a disclaimer of sorts.
I did this fan translation out of love for this great work (as if you all couldn't guess). Therefore I can't vouch for its correctness or accuracy. Please correct me if you spot errors here. It's a learning process and this translation is not only a show of fan love but also it's a learning exercise.

What I attempted to do (as well as in all my future translations, and as a contract I make to other fans of this work) was, to the best of my ability, and as fledgling as it is, to maintain the "soul" of Yoshihara-sensei's gorgeous original writing.
This is an example of the tanbi (Japanese for aesthetic) style, as interpreted by this translator. My feeling is that if you try to change, leave out or "rewrite" another writer's words, especially when you are translating them, it's almost too easy to change the passage's meaning, or worse, imply something else, thus something gets lost; it can be done when you don't realizing it. I wanted to do my best to ensure that it wasn't my language that was presented, but only an English interpretation of the Japanese text giving my very early learning of Japanese, with an attempt to preserve the artistry of the original text.

Katze is one of my favorite characters in the novel, and I'll get into my many reasons why later. This was, for me, my favorite of Katze's passages and his words to Guy at the ruins of Dana Bahn, as he's remembering them, resonate with me even more now than they did when I finished reading the novels for the first time. It was an ending so bittersweet that it still, even as I type these words, bring about tears.

Dana Bahn---completely destroyed;
It's miserable corpse lay exposed upon the ground.

Alone, Guy gazed at the ruins without even a slight tremor.

Desolate was the huge gravestone.
Below this, Riki and Iason slept.

For all eternity, the truth of the incident would not be disclosed; however it would be limited to just a few...

"Ainokusabi--- Do you know what that means? Well, it's an obsolete expresssion, yet hardly a fossil; but it refers to something that ties two separate things securely together."

Unexpectedly, Guy recalled Katze's words to him...

Humans, in that way cannot live without the support of someone else. And referred to as a "pairing partner" was that what Riki wanted to say?

And yet----

In the end, at the last moment, Riki entrusted Guy to Katze and chose Iason--- thereby sacrificing himself.

"Well, I don't know the reason, but it might be that what attracted them was pitting their pride against each other. I guess their encounter was predestined that way. Perhaps..."


As far as Guy was concerned, that was how he felt meeting Riki.
Meeting Riki filled Guy with joy.
Guy had been kept alive because of Riki.
That is, Guy believed that meeting Riki was inevitable luck rather than mere chance.

However----Katze's words negated that.

A Tanagura Blondy and a slum mongrel.
If that's the case, one could say that, Iason was likened to a custom-made black box with only one key to unseal it---and it was Riki.
For this reason, master and pet, I guess they couldn't have been tied together except by only that sort of distorted bond.

Katze told Guy matter-of-factly.

"This might be a reluctant matter to you, but there is also a love that cannot be fulfilled but in that form. It may be that such things are like that."

(Form of love....?)

Guy chewed as if on a bitter object, and he felt a murmur within his chest. At that moment, his left arm that should not have been there began throbbing painfully; he then gripped the empty sleeve.

"Between the people left behind, even though they possess similar pain, have nothing further to weep. Now, you and I are the only two people who could not only talk about the manner of their deaths but also their way of life."

(Matter of death and way of life.)

"Clenching...That fellow with a missing left arm... Oh! Seems like I have plenty of time to think about it! Also."


That name he clenched within his heart.

Silently and...


Putting the feelings of everything...

In that moment...

A wind whirled up the dust by the man, together with a gust of wind blew through and swept back Guy's long hair...

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Call me a glutton for punishment, or a total Ai No Kusabi nerd....

I prefer  "Ai No Kusabi" nerd ;-)

Have any of you guys seen this beauty?
<img src="http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51D2KN43V4L.jpg">

Last April I managed to grab a copy of Midnight Illusion, which is supposedly the prequel to Ai No Kusabi which came out back in 1996. This summer I finished scanning all the chapters. I'm unsure if this would be a method that would be the most practical for most people, but because I'm still considered a first year Japanese student I'm getting practice in my kana and looking up kanji by transcribing the original text of the chapters into a Word (Mac OSX Pages) document so that way I can use one of my online translation programs to help me with the translation by cut and paste. I do have dictionaries and the like but the online translators give me some help in a pinch. I'm learning the grammar on the fly so I'm not entirely sure how correct my translations are. Hopefully I can get them at least somewhat close.

It's a labor of love to the nth degree and I'm trying to be as both accurate as I can but also trying to remain as true to the source material as I can. I'm also learning to be very patient with myself and not get too frustrated with the project. If I feel myself doint that, that's when I need to stop and go on to something else or just take a nap for a time to rest my head and then start fresh later.

I will post some of the pages that I've done so far as soon as I get a little more done of the first chapter and get it to a point that it looks presentable.

In tandem to this venture, I'm also quite busy with my own translation of the original novel, notably the most contentuous final chapter in Vol. 7 (Chapter 10), the DMP English translated novels---- Vol 5 of the Japanese Chara edition is the source for this project. Today I just finished through pg. 214 (Chara) and just started pg. 215. So far is feels like there's some repetition but that could be just me; not sure.

On a side note: I happened to notice that a new member of the community here has dipped his/her toes in the fan fiction pool....WOOT!!!! I don't remember the user who wrote it but I was able to check it out and will drop in and give some love soon. :-) It reminds me that I need to not be shy and share one of the stories I'm working on. A background introduction of sorts will be posted soon describing my planned series; I don't want to give too much away.  Some of it is still being worked on and planned.

I have a big planned for myself tomorrow so I'm signing off of now. :)

Ai no Kusabi #1

An evening belonging to silvery hues

The night strikes softly in the bustling city of Tanagura. The two symbolic moons of the planet starting to give off it's soft hues, not all that essential to the people who were already used to the artificial lights that were made from technology.

You were already bored and --- could you describe it, mentally exhausted to the point of cancelling the whole meeting itself and going back to sanctuary of your apartment in Eos tower. Now, newly made more enjoyable with the exotic, ferocious and untamed mongrel pet known as Riki.

Thankfully the meeting ended quite quickly ; though the ride back to the tower was nonetheless uneventful and boring.

As the door to your apartment opened by your furniture Daryl, you were greeted with the exceptionally clean and organised interior, just how you liked it. Daryl's respectfully timid voice flowed over with evening greetings, there was no sign of Riki.

As usual, the mongrel pet had no manners that the usual pet would have for its master.

Very entertaining, as usual.

An amused smirked stretched your face as you headed towards Riki's room -which was rather more like a training room- with a very pleasing glass of red wine clasped delicately within your hand.

- - - - - -

Riki's darkly tanned skin was like smooth satin, you had noted it the first time you had met that fierce boy.

You loved the way it felt through the silk of your gloved hand, the way the skin rippled like coiled snakes, filling the surface with goosebumps --- wether from the cold or from your slow touches.

You had caressed that tanned skin several times to point there was not a place left on Riki that you hadn't touched. But still, the thirst remained, to caress the boys skin until he screamed your name to the world.

And you realised for the first time, that those sensually soft lips had never screamed your name during the heights of pleasure.

As you probed a finger between the mongrels lips in wonder, the sharp hound like teeth bit down at said finger and blood oozed out, staining the priceless silk cloth. Your elegant brows furrowing into bafflement.

As you stared at the bloodied clothed finger, you felt frustration mixed worth anger like no other creep up from the depths of your mind. The only organic part left on your artificially engineered body.

And you take him, in hard and fast strokes without an ounce of mercy or gentleness.

And you wonder for the rest of the night.

How much had this mongrel actually changed in you?


So this is my first shot to ai no kusabi...this came out pretty short...this is also my first time writing Iasons POV, so I don't know if this came out that good, but it's pretty good in my opinion.

So here you are! My first shot to the Ai no Kusabi community!

I hope you enjoy it! (I'm already biting my nails from nervousness ^_^")


Hello... I have doubts. First: I am sorry if there is mistakes, english it is not my first language.

Well, I have read again Ai no Kusabi novels until vol 7.
Is there any chance to download vol 8?
I was looking in different pages to buy it and it cost really a lot of money.
$66.000 in chilean money.

And I read that the english translation is censured, is that truth?

Sorry... I am really thinking that I am the only fan who speak spanish, I do not have where to ask