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What is going on?

Back in October I noticed a YouTube video advertising TR, along with another video advertising Kira’s return. The YouTube account was referring to her as ‘The Rising Phoenix.’ I think one video may still be available, but the account itself is gone. The website: kiratakenouchi.com is gone, as well. Everything is gone, and yet, it’s still being sold on Amazon? Something’s not right. Does anyone know what’s going on? Was there an issue with copyright? I noticed that she had some DA cosplayers in the video, as well. Did she have their permission to use their photos, and is that where the problem arose? I don’t understand why she would take it all down. The video was amazing, the music was astounding – did anyone else see it aside from me? I swear, if it were a trailer for a movie version of TR, I would have gone to see it opening night. As for the books that are currently being sold, I just honestly want to say that I don’t agree with it. I recall reading the fanfic back when it was free. I was excited to see an epic video advertising Kira’s return, as well; but I think she’s just trying to scam people again. I’m sorry, but this fanfic is still available on line for FREE. It’s a fanfic and she does not have the permission from the original author to be making money off of her work. I just can’t stand by and watch people pay over $20 for a fanfic. This is a downright scam, and it doesn’t feel right. Does anyone else feel this way? I feel kind of cheated and, overall, disappointed. The link below will show you where you can read TR and the other fics for FREE - as all fanfics should be. If the link doesn’t work, simply go on Tumblr, type in Taming Riki in the search bar, and you’ll find it there. That’s how I found it. It’s a legit pdf download from a drop box. Anyone who has a drop box can vouch and say that this is safe, as it is a professional system that even my college utilizes. Aside from my torn feelings, can anyone enlighten me to what’s going on? It’s like she popped out of the ground and then disappeared with the rising sun. http://rikibisonleader.tumblr.com/post/87634429057/taming-riki
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Taming Riki

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Taming Riki is available on AnK comm. now but for members only.

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A bit of a warning: If I find my links shared/uploaded elsewhere I’ll delete files. You are free however to upload them on your own; after all fanfiction should be available for all fans.

New member with some questions!

Hello everyone! I'm Melly and I've been a fan of ANK for a while now. I found this community through a link and thought it would be great to have some friends I could chat with! Anyway I hope this isn't against the rules( and i'm sorry if it is, I'm new to this), but I did have some questions if I could! Anyway here goes:

1: Many moons ago I remember the "Taming Riki" series before the lady (Kira something?) made her own website and you had to pay to read it. Now it's like it has become bigger than the original!!!!! Most FF's and FA I see is based on her work. Apparently she has made her own comic based on her FF? I'm so confused with the whole thing? Is she working with the real owners/creators of ANK? I just don't get it >.<'. Should I be considering her works as part of the real OVA/novel.

2:I just got back into the fandom ( I saw the OVA before I even knew anything) and I guess there was a novel first? Then an OVA, then a new novel and OVA?!?! I'm so confused??! I feel like I'm lost!! I don't know where to start or end!

Sorry if this is against the rules or annoying! I'm just brain muddled and need some guidance??

Thanks and I look forward to some new friends!!

Taming Riki Volume I, Part 3?

Hello, I hope it's okay to post this query. Please message me privately moderators if it wasn't.

I was wondering if anyone by chance got the opportunity to buy Part 3 of the Taming Riki Volume 1 triology by Kira Takenouchi. I missed out on getting Part 3 when it was suddenly published last fall. Since then I have looked unsuccessfully for a way to buy it so I could finally, finally complete my paperback triology of Taming Riki.

If you do by chance have Volume 1, Part 3, would you be interested in selling it to me (reasonable pricing please!)? Please message me privately. Thank you!


Hi every one, I'm a long time lurker first time poster. I'm sorry that the first time i make myself known is with a request for help but at this point I'm totally desperate.

My old computer crashed a few weeks ago and when it did all of my old files that i had saved were totally gone!
I'm searching for two stories from the Ai No Kusabi fandom.

One I had saved was a fic that was pretty old. I remember Riki was kidnapped and held with his kidnappers pet who had blue hair wand painted beautiful pictures. The pet was not supposed to talk to Riki but he eventually did. In the end Iason came for Riki (because he's a total BAMF). I think the story had a sequel in which iason got another pet who was young and he and riki got along really. clearly i don't remember all  that much. :/

But I think the most troubling thing i've lost is the saved files i had to Kira T.'s Taming Riki saga. I used to have the web pages saved in a zip file. I was able to recover all of  Taming Riki Volume 1(from chapter 1-63) with the waybackmachine.org but i was unable to reclaim any of the second story (where the commander finds his pet on his ship) because Kira has taken her website down (again :/).

does anyone have a copy of this story?

will you please help me? these stories are stuck in my brain and I'd really like to read them again.

Catching up with the ANK Community

Hi! I've been gone from the ANK community for a while now as Real Life continuously interrupts my private yaoi time, and then I had a serious problem with accessing my Livejournal account so I was REALLY on the fringe until recently. But now I'm back, and I hear the ANK world has fallen to absolute CRAP. :(
1:) I thought a new OVA was supposed to be released some time in 2010, but now I'm hearing that it's been CANCELLED! Someone PLEASE tell me what's going on! :( They had all of these cool trailers released that made it seem like things were going in the right direction! :(
2:) What the heck is going on with Kira Takenouchi and her website!? I went to kirafix.net to see if I could get the rest of Taming Riki II and see if I could find anything on Taming Riki III, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get into the site, which was up a few months ago, back in Fall 2010 when I last went there (told you: I've been away fror a WHILE :P lol ). :\ It's been shut down--did she find Jesus again or get sick again or get sued again? I'm really concerned, what happened to her site? It was so pretty, and I thought she was doing really well. :( 
3:) Is there ever going to be a continuation of the original AnK novel? It seems like it stopped after Chapter 6--when is the rest going to be made/released; does anyone know? 

I am just totally out of the loop here *facepalm*. Anyone know what's going on? :(