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Call to the owner!!

....and now header is gone as well :((

Hello to all members and hopefully the owner Susan,

This comm become sad and lonely place but it's always on my mind and constant source of stress. I want to do something for this comm and yet I can't.
Ai no Kusabi is clasic, "first" yaoi anime for many here and as such, being trendy or not atm AnK comm could/should stay and wait for some better times and new readers/admirers or at least hibernate meanwhile... 'till better times come.

I'd hate to see it deleted but I'm worried what would happen to it eventually.
Susan, present owner was not easy person to get along with and this resulted in treating comm as her own journal instead of "community" and being reluctant to involve anybody else in taking care of it. Now that backfired and it shows that such behavior is irresponsible and selfish especially if you inherit legacy (she's not the original founder of this comm). Truth is previous owner were happy to pass comm to somebody new, but at least they take care of successor.
All this show that there should always be at least two mods besides owner and at least one of those should be "maintainer" as well so if owner is not available maintainer can make crucial changes needed sometime. The ownership can be passed only by owner so it does not question owner's position at any time.
Rules are changed from the time Susan inherit comm and now seem there is not many options:

" If a situation in a community requires intervention, you should first attempt to contact a maintainer or the owner of that community. The community's profile lists the maintainers' and owner's usernames; you can also post to the community and request that a maintainer or owner contact you.
If you simply wish to customize the community, control the membership, or delete occasional off-topic entries, your best option is to create an alternate community. While this may not always be the most attractive option, the community account belongs to its owner. If they wish to continue the community as is, they are free to do so. If the maintainers or owner are absent, there is no way for others to gain control of the community.

However, in certain circumstances, the Abuse Prevention Team can transfer ownership of a community if it has been abandoned. Both of the following criteria must be met in order for the Abuse Prevention Team to take action:

  • The existing owner is unresponsive, deleted and purged, or has declared that they no longer wish to own the community.

  • There are situations occurring within the community – such as rampant harassment or spam – which require a maintainer's intervention.

If the above criteria are both satisfied, you can file a report with the Abuse Prevention Team. However, if you spoke with the owner, and they indicated that they will not take action, the Abuse Prevention Team will likewise not take action unless the situation involves Terms of Service violations.

You should include specific links to entries or comments which demonstrate the need for an active owner, along with entries which indicate that the community's members have attempted to contact a maintainer. The Abuse Prevention Team will investigate and take the necessary action to resolve the situation

This is how things are now. In the past I offered Susan my help with comm but she refused. I'm still willing to do so, but not alone (as I explained above) but I don't see the way to take over comm and Susan is unresponsive. I don't know what happened to her but I do know her health was not the best and there are great chances she may never appear again on live journal.

Susan, if you read this please do let us know you are around!

I'm afraid to contact support for now in fear they'll simply delete com...

So, if anybody has any idea how to deal with this situation,  please do come forward with it since I'd like to save this place!
Thank you!



I have recently acquired some AnK doujins from my friend. She asked me to ask you guys if these have been scanlated or not because she badly wants to read them (and me as well). Perhaps some of you guys may know a website that hosts the scanlated versions of the following...

If there's none and there's someone willing to translate these, I can give copies of the doujins.
Thank you!

A little request regarding long posts...

Hi guys,

just a little request (and not trying to step on anyone's toes ): I love that you're all posting your Ai no Kusabi stories and other stuff here, but pretty please, could you put longer posts under the LJ cut? They are seriously clogging up the friend's feed which is a pain in the a**. Also, keeping them under the LJ cut makes it easier for everyone to look up older posts since more posts fit on one page and it's easier to navigate. Just set the LJ cut after the first paragraph of your post and it will be perfect. :)

Thanks muchly! :)


After a long, hot shower, Riki exited the shower stall and carelessly wrapped a short, white bath towel, low on his hips, exposing his tanned legs and upper body. His legs and thighs were hard and muscular, his upper body firm and ripped. The mesmeric flow of his body had been meticulously sculpted by the excruciating labor he was forced to undertake for the last fifteen years, since his departure from Amoi.

With water droplets still clingy to his body like morning dew, he grabbed another towel and starting rubbing it against his wet hair, while he blindly walked into his room. Feeling a slight, warm wind against his naked body, he removed the towel from his head to investigate the source. As he raised his head towards the source, his heart palpitated wildly, and his breath caught in his throat. Unable to breathe properly, he stood immobile for what seemed like an eternity, unable to believe what he was seeing. There, leaning against the balcony door frame, with the bright morning sun rising behind him, further accentuating his power and elegance, stood Iason, reserved and expressionless.
Shocked to his very core at seeing Iason alive and well, Riki raised his hands away from his sides, showcasing his naked body, and disdainfully smirks at Iason, “Like what you see? It’s been fifteen years. Why don’t you give me a proper greeting before you start fucking me with your eyes?”

In a couple of lightning quick strides, Iason strodes up to Riki, crouched down and grabbed his knees, hoisted Riki over his shoulder like a ragged doll, and carried him over to the bed. Iason dropped Riki on the edge of the bed and stood over him, silently studying him. Stunned by the sudden attack, Riki could only sit on the edge of the bed and stare up at Iason. With the wind knocked out of him and breathing heavily, Riki fell back onto the bed and chuckled, “Still the same old fucking bastard”.

With the towel undone and gone, Iason’s pale blue eyes darkened with desire. As Iason slowly bent down to lie on top of Riki, Riki grabbed hold of Iason’s shoulders and flipped Iason onto his back. Riki then quickly lifted himself off the bed to cover Iason’s upper body with his. Riki sat up, on top of Iason’s abdomen and straddled Iason’s waist between his thighs. The palms of his hands, spread out on Iason’s broad chest. Riki looked at Iason’s face, staring deeply into his eyes, as if he was searching for something.

The move Riki pulled on him was so astonishing and unexpected, it rendered him immobile. Even though his emotions and desires were spiraling out of control, he did not dare to move, for fear that Riki would disappear. If this was a dream, then he wanted it to go on and on. He had been looking and waiting for Riki for fifteen years. His hands were itching to touch Riki, to make love to him, but he knew that if he did not get his emotions under control first, he would end up physically hurting Riki because of his passion. Looking at Riki's face, Iason caught a rare glimpse of desire blazing in his eyes. As Iason raised his hands to touch Riki, Riki’s eyes glazed over with a burning hunger, an appetite as mighty as his own.

Riki bent over Iason’s face, whispered his name, and gently covered Iason’s lips with his own. Gently at first, but deeply and more fervently with every kiss thereafter, hurling him into total bliss. For the first time ever, his pet was going to make love to him.

Ai no Kusabi #4

Garden of truth

When you finally paid a singular visit to Apatia -- Riki's new home, quite frankly you were half expecting someone to pay a little 'visit.' What did those petty mongrels even expect? That, you weren't going to find out that they constantly watched your possession like the dirty little rats they are?

Did they really thing that you were so stupid as to let Riki go out and about without any kind of surveillance? Oh — spare yourself of their blasphemy!

How would they even understand how much of a willing sacrifice that Riki had given them, it's all in his favour that they're even alive with their disposition, after all. Your cold blue eyes swept quickly across the lot of them. Right now, you resembled every inch of that intimidating and brooding Blondie that you were meant to be.

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All Our Tomorrows - Chapter 2 Anchors Aweigh

Title:             All Our Tomorrows
Fan​dom:      Ai no Kusabi
Pairing:        Raoul Am/Katze
Rating:         PG13 at first, R later
Chapters:    16
Summary:      Post AnK:  Katze and Raoul contemplate their lives while Katze leaves for a new world and Raoul takes his place as leader of the Syndicate.  Little do they know that in the future their lives will intersect and things will never be the same.
Disclaimer: AnK characters and places belong to Rieko Yoshihara.  Special thanks to my beta LadyFeather.  This is cross posted on my LJ and A03

Note: It's cold, windy and soon to be rainy here in NorCal.  Time for an update I think!

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Ai no Kusabi #2

Taming or being tamed?

"Obey, pet. Or do you want an increase of punishment?"

Your blue eyes shone with cold threat as the silky, velvety but oh, so cold command of yours rang off the silvery steel walls of the training room.

"Screw you!!" Ah....if only the disobedient mongrel truly knew of his disadvantaged position. Alas, he was only too foolish to realise it. The hefty pants of the exotic mongrel sent tingles up your spine.

And you knew that they were the work of the mongrel in front of you. Even without trying, the mongrel set an asexual blondie on liquid, hot, and fierce fire.

The signals from your ring sent painfully pleasurable spasms to the D-type ring that wrapped around tightly on the mongrels manhood. Tightening by seconds each time the mongrel refused to obey you, the head of Tanagura syndicate, the head of thirteen blondies, the head elite. Or any other names that the common public and syndicate members had glued to your person.

He was the only one that had dared to not only disobey you, but actually lash back at you. The way he was so fierce, so untameable, so full of life was becoming maddening to you day by day. So much that it actually sent pleasure signals to the depths of your only organic brain.

You wanted to pull out that strong heart. Feel it beating. Taste that life energy that kept that life energetic.

Wether you were a really horrible sadist or just a complete masochist. Was it even possible for you to be either of those?

"Ah...! Hah!" The mongrel bit his lips in order to keep his moans to himself. It obviously wasn't working well, little whimpers escaped his sensuous lips occasionally. Oh, how those moans worked against own your will.

"Everything could be so easy if had just listened to me....we would've even be finished by now..." Stop purrs of bewitchery escaped in a velvet veil from your artificially engineered lips.

"Fuck off and leave me the fuck alone!" So full of hate. That glare was quickly becoming your ultimate aphrodisiac these days.

"Waaah!!" Riki threw his head back in blinding, burning, mixture of pain-pleasure. The D-type ring pulsed with rhythm. It rendered him helpless as his approaching orgasm was blocked several times during the last minutes.

Your clear blue eyes hardened as the command rang off the walls once more. Your lips curling into a bastard of a malicious smile.

"Say it. And we'll stop for today..." You spoke as if you're the snake that had tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. Destining the poor human to a life of helplessness.

The mongrel didn't answer. But he trembled helplessly instead .

Your fingers moved as you went to touch the ring again. To increase the torture.

The mongrel trembled violently before the whisper of a voice spoke "Master....."

"Hm? I didn't hear it. Say it louder, pet." Even though your enhanced hearing had clearly heard what the mongrel had to say, the cruel you didn't hesitate to torture the poor mongrel.

"Ahh!!" The once fierce eyes screwed tight as a particularly large wave of pain washed over him. "Master...! Please finish me!" Clearly the words were spoken with utter, complete shame and embarrassment.

"Good boy." Satisfaction wafted over you as the boys screams got louder from his oncoming climax. Pleasure, utter pleasure left you breathing hard as the pleasure centres of your brain was signalled.

'My pet....truly has a quite beautiful voice....'

Your lips curled to a cruel, cruel smile.


Here I am....writing another shot...I got inspired to write this from another fanfic...but I don't quite remember the name....*scratches head* so, yeah, Enjoy!

Ai no Kusabi #1

An evening belonging to silvery hues

The night strikes softly in the bustling city of Tanagura. The two symbolic moons of the planet starting to give off it's soft hues, not all that essential to the people who were already used to the artificial lights that were made from technology.

You were already bored and --- could you describe it, mentally exhausted to the point of cancelling the whole meeting itself and going back to sanctuary of your apartment in Eos tower. Now, newly made more enjoyable with the exotic, ferocious and untamed mongrel pet known as Riki.

Thankfully the meeting ended quite quickly ; though the ride back to the tower was nonetheless uneventful and boring.

As the door to your apartment opened by your furniture Daryl, you were greeted with the exceptionally clean and organised interior, just how you liked it. Daryl's respectfully timid voice flowed over with evening greetings, there was no sign of Riki.

As usual, the mongrel pet had no manners that the usual pet would have for its master.

Very entertaining, as usual.

An amused smirked stretched your face as you headed towards Riki's room -which was rather more like a training room- with a very pleasing glass of red wine clasped delicately within your hand.

- - - - - -

Riki's darkly tanned skin was like smooth satin, you had noted it the first time you had met that fierce boy.

You loved the way it felt through the silk of your gloved hand, the way the skin rippled like coiled snakes, filling the surface with goosebumps --- wether from the cold or from your slow touches.

You had caressed that tanned skin several times to point there was not a place left on Riki that you hadn't touched. But still, the thirst remained, to caress the boys skin until he screamed your name to the world.

And you realised for the first time, that those sensually soft lips had never screamed your name during the heights of pleasure.

As you probed a finger between the mongrels lips in wonder, the sharp hound like teeth bit down at said finger and blood oozed out, staining the priceless silk cloth. Your elegant brows furrowing into bafflement.

As you stared at the bloodied clothed finger, you felt frustration mixed worth anger like no other creep up from the depths of your mind. The only organic part left on your artificially engineered body.

And you take him, in hard and fast strokes without an ounce of mercy or gentleness.

And you wonder for the rest of the night.

How much had this mongrel actually changed in you?


So this is my first shot to ai no kusabi...this came out pretty short...this is also my first time writing Iasons POV, so I don't know if this came out that good, but it's pretty good in my opinion.

So here you are! My first shot to the Ai no Kusabi community!

I hope you enjoy it! (I'm already biting my nails from nervousness ^_^")