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Y. Chang on Additional Dialogue in Ai no Kusabi English Dub

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The new drama CDs

I finally had the opportunity to listen to these, and I haven't seen any discussion on them anywhere. Some thoughts on them, along with some notes on the reading of the novels. I don't think I'm breaking the rules, but if I am...do correct me. ^_^;

Uh, minor caveat: I haven't posted to LJ in forever so if I screw up any of the htmling, that's why.

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Kaneto Shiozawa - Iason's voice

Sorry for not having an icon, but this livejournal format is not my ideal place to interact. I wanted to acknowledge Kaneto Shiozawa's talent (the voice of Iason Mink) among fans of the anime. As most of you probably know Kaneto died in 2000 due to an incident while at home. Beside the ANK OVAs, Kaneto performed as Iason even in the ANK CD drama. Other than this, his contribution in the world of anime/japanese cartoons is impressive.

Unfortunately he was rarely cast for leading roles, he was more the voice of villains or side characters (Iason is of course one of the few exceptions). There is on youtube a clip of Mu of Aries (saint seiya/knights of the zodiac) with Kaneto doing his voice. He didn't voice this character for the whole serie, tho. (see below for links)

While searching all over the place for info of ANK (the original OVAs) I came across this site dedicated to Kaneto. It's 100% japanese so I do not understand much. I see that there is a book sale and probably memorabilia of Kaneto (photos). If someone knows japanese and wants to add their 2 cents they are welcome. I am not sure it was updated after 2005. (I don't know how to post links other than this)


And if you want to see how he looked like (seems to be from the 80s judging from the recording) here's Kaneto singing a popular japanese song (again, any cue on where to find this performance on CD are appreciated).


Regardless of what will happen with this new remake, Kaneto will remain Iason's voice forever.