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Ai no Kusabi BluRay Limited Edition

After I finally got my parcel today from the customs office I thought I could share my pictures with you.

I bought all the limited editions from the 2012 rerelease but sadly didn't get the one for "Pardo" for a normal price. With luck and help of a friend I was able to purchase it from Amazon Japan in Used but excellent condition for less than 100 Euro.

IMG_0654.JPG IMG_0652.JPG

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I have recently acquired some AnK doujins from my friend. She asked me to ask you guys if these have been scanlated or not because she badly wants to read them (and me as well). Perhaps some of you guys may know a website that hosts the scanlated versions of the following...

If there's none and there's someone willing to translate these, I can give copies of the doujins.
Thank you!
totoro, watching yaoi

My AnK screen capture shares....because I'm cool like that ;-)

I thought it was about high time I shared these:

Over the past months I've been going through both versions of the anime collecting screen captures for various projects. As I was going through the videos it donned on me that some of the images, backgrounds, establishing shots, etc. the way the animation camera would move along the scene I thought that if I grabbed enough images from a particular sequence, I could put them together in Photoshop to create a single image, murals basically. One of them from the 2012 Remake I've used as the cover for my page on Facebook.

And this one:
I would use the colors in this one to try to do both an image and video color correction/restoration on the original OVA. ;-)

This album that I put together would be the start of of an ongoing project since I have a few others from the 2012 remake that I need to finish and others I have yet to work on. I looked at these from a pure, art frame of mind. It didn't hurt either that I was able to flag down the 2002 DVD reissue of the original OVAs so it was nice to have that looking god-awesome.

I also tried to make some descriptions about some of them, so please check them out. A couple became experiments in color correction and image restoration and those I have tagged for my graphics portfolio.
Please check them out and feedback is always most appreciated. Also feel free to share if you wish....it helps promote not only this work but my others that I'll share. There's just only one caveat.... because some of these took a long time to do, (most of them did, who am I kidding...*chuckle*) especially those I did tweaks in the restorations AND because I'm going to use some of these for both my portfolio and for one of my other blog sites that's still in the works, I humbly, respectfully request that you let me know or ask for permission to share or repost, as well a link back to me would also be wonderful! :D

Some of these gave me no quarter but it would be those that ended up being my personal favorites. I'll let you guess which ones those happen to be. :)

Ai no Kusabi - Riki
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Ai no Kusabi (2012) AMV

Hey guys, if you remember, I was looking for help with an AMV I was working on a few months back... unfortunately, I didn't end up being able to use any footage from the old OVAs, but I did finish an AMV using footage from the new OVAs. I just realized I never shared it here.

I have it age-gated, so that could be a problem if you don't have a YouTube account, but if you're able to watch it, I hope you enjoy it. :) It's also available on AMV.org here. It actually won Best Drama at Yaoi Con over the weekend, and I was there to receive the award, so that's pretty cool. Yay Ai no Kusabi!

Books for Sale

Hey, guys! I'm selling my collection and thought I would give you guys first shot before I throw it up on eBay.

7 books, volumes 1-7, $40+shipping for the set.

I'm selling them as a set and will not separate them. Books 1 and 2 have been read, the rest have just sat on my shelf.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll leave this up for... probably about a week and a half, maybe 2 weeks if I get lazy

Books have been sold! Thanks, guys!
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.•:*¨¨*:•.☆ Happy 10th Anniversary! ☆.•:*¨¨*:•.

A decade...
Quiet of lately but still I think it's pretty impressive especially considering how old fandom itself is....
I may be sentimental but I'm glad i can wish Happy Birthday to AnK community this year too.
I chose my favorite scenery from Anime for this Anni's banner; I have it as a desktop picture for years now and somehow can't part with it ^^

10th anni AnK comm
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Ank (fan)art ^^

Hello fellow members ^^, not enough activity here (unfortunately it become a standard) so until I finish DJ I wonder if there’s something interesting to share in comm.
I found some lovely AnK fanart, it’s totally new for me so I thought maybe it’ll be new for other members too. Of course I’m aware that we may not share taste/preferences so you’re welcome to share some of your favorite AnK (fan)art. ^^

Translation from Japanese courtesy of Lyrebird, thank you dear!

Some of the pics are NWS so please be careful if you’re at work or sharing computer!

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art by いーず  (pixiv)

text: No matter what anyone says, no matter whom you long for… | You are mine, Riki.

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text: Who owns you, Riki?

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text: You...you do. I...I am yours.

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text: Yes...you are.

Riki&Iason by Tasper (deviantart)
art by Tasper (deviantart)

間の楔 Iason Mink by Nemho (pixiv)
art by Nemho (pixiv)

Katze&Raoul by fatcatinthehat (deviantart)
art by Fatcatinthehat (deviantart)