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A little request regarding long posts...

Hi guys,

just a little request (and not trying to step on anyone's toes ): I love that you're all posting your Ai no Kusabi stories and other stuff here, but pretty please, could you put longer posts under the LJ cut? They are seriously clogging up the friend's feed which is a pain in the a**. Also, keeping them under the LJ cut makes it easier for everyone to look up older posts since more posts fit on one page and it's easier to navigate. Just set the LJ cut after the first paragraph of your post and it will be perfect. :)

Thanks muchly! :)

Changes in community security

Due to a spam message I have changed the settings. The new Livejournal has got some more options.

Comments will be accepted only from registered users (and not anonymous like it was before).

You do not need to be a member of the community but you do need to be registered Livejournal Member.

Any anonymous but legit comment will unfortunately be hidden.
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.•:*¨¨*:•.☆ Happy 9th Anniversary! ☆.•:*¨¨*:•.

This year we celebrate this community’s ninth birthday!
Some of us get to (finally) read last volumes of novel (some of us still waiting…), and fanficiton and fanart are still productive, we got to read even some doujinshi’s.
Unfortunately there is no news regarding continuation of new OVA but we can always hope for the best.
For such an old fandom like Ai no Kusabi it’s quite remarkable it still attracts new fans which just prove its quality and value; the everlasting tragic story always finds its way to our (fujoshi) hearts…


In memory of Shingo Araki


Shingo Araki has got no connection to Ai No Kusabi, he was not involved in any BL anime but nevertheless I need to write something in his memory, he was among the n.1 anime character artists in my opinion if not the n.1 with a carreer that easily spanned 50+ years.

His drawing style is what partially gave shape to the word Bishonen (beautiful boys) and in his carreer he created a lot of bishonen (Lady Oscar/Rose of Versailles, Saint Seiya/Knights of the zodiac, Ufo Robot Grendizer and many many others). If you liked fluent animantion and extremely good looking characters you could not dismiss his work. He definately improved the already well drawn characters of Go Nagai, Masami Kurumada and Ryoko Ikeda.

He didn't die of old age or disease unfortunately, as it happened to our beloved Kaneto, it was an accident (drowning in the swimming pool). That makes it all even more sad because it was something that could be avoided.

Of the millions of fanarts dedicated to him, this is what I feel could represent him better. His Bronze Saints looking at the sky following his star.

Here are a couple of places on the internet to see a collection of his works


this blog actually wants to collect fanart in his honor


graphics, art, icons

So, everytime I came across some ANK graphics and icons I used to save them. Random, without writing down the name of the owner (and sometimes they were made by other people). I saved the ones I liked, so I have zero icons of Guy, Kirie and stills I didn't like. On the other hand I like all the images of Tanagura taken from afar, the combination of blue and purple always amazes me.

Now I have uploaded for this community 5 other icons (still using the old as a default one). If you are one of the creators and wants to be credited, please reply to this post or PM. The original owner of the one with Iason "sucking" doesn't even remember where she got it. Now please go to see which is the one with Iason sucking :P

Other than that if you want to add yours or suggest about others you'd like to see (you like animated icons or not? you like icons with a sentence or without?) reply to this post.

I am asking around tips on how to make them, beside being 100x100 in size, but so far I am concentrating on the very long task of getting my own screencaps from ANK raw. It's a long process because I am getting frame by frame the images I like the most.

So that's why right now I am not specifically concentrated on creating icons (unless I feel particularly inspired). However, there is a russian site with beautiful desktops (wallpapers) and winamp skins. Hard to navigate if you do not know russian, but not entirely impossible. It's in the links section and it's called Annals of Ai no Kusabi.


Ai No Kusabi russian subtitles

This message will be removed as soon as I find the right reply since it's a sort of personal request. Unless you reply something useful to all

I have a russian mothertongue friend with limited english knowledge and I'd like to give her a russian subbed version. Is this available? PM privately so we can arrange.

Also as a side question (and you can reply here) since apparently ANK is quite popular in russia and we have some russian mothertongue here, is Клин Любви the right spelling/writing of Ai No Kusabi? Is the anime recognized under that name or it's only the translation?

Also is the polish translation Miłość na Uwięzi ? Spelled correctly?

I read them at animenewsnetwork page for ANK.
Fox - Remember that I'm here


Well, hello, all. I trust everyone is doing well?

This is an important post, so sound the fanfare!!! Haha.

When Goo and I made this community yeeeears back, it was strong for a couple of months, but then it started to wind down. We tried many things- advertising, community posts, banner, but they didn't seem to spark enough interest. We grew discouraged and kinda' just let the community go.
Several days ago (I've been on vacation, so I apologize for the delayed response) I received a messaged from suxxxann telling, basically, that the community has picked up again! I'm so happy to hear this! :) Also, I apologize that I haven't peeked in on it recently to check it, myself.
Since she'd obviously been following everything that's been going on, I'm also making suxxxann a moderator! Good luck! ~insert fanfare here!!!~ I'll try to keep an eye on things from now on too, but I'm leaving most of it in her hands for the time being. Again, I apologize like woah for the neglect.

2 Requests/questions for the moderators/administrators/LJ experts

I have noticed that in every post, the "title" of the post is hidden because it's written white on white on the white banner over the black box (the one that carries the date/time). If you put the mouse over the white ribbon it becomes a hand and there is the link. Was it made on purpose?

Is it possible to turn white font into colored font, so the title is readable?

Second request is: a lot of other livejournal pages (including our personal ones) have the right or left part of the page with the "tags" section where you can click the "sub-subjects" and see all posts about that subject. Since I had to scroll ALL posts and ALL pages of this community to find something I was looking for (and it took me a good 3 hours), I thought it could be useful to tag entries in case someone wants to find at a glance the things she is interested in (polls, fictions, questions, images or icons uploaded), You realize that when posts pass on the second page, nobody touches them anymore which is a shame because it's like they are deleted and the same questions are posted over and over (where to download the ovas, Kira's related stuff etc).

If you "activate" the function of tags I promise to review ALL previous entries and tag them accordingly as best as i can.

Next poll will be about Katze and it will be multiple choice.

I have already thought about another one