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"Just a blondie..."

'...This is our last deep kiss...'

The Ai no Kusabi community
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ai no kusabi kaneto shiozawa yaoi bl
Born on May 29th of 2004, this the first Ai no Kusabi fan journals on Livejournal.com.

WARNING!: AnK is considered a graphic yaoi (male on male relationship) anime. Members under the age of 18 have now been spoken to. Enter upon your own risk.

Only Members of Livejournal can comment. Anonymous comments will not be displayed.

Please use the TAGS at the left of the screen to find threads about the subject you are interested in.

The community is set as "Adult Concepts: Users under the age of 14 will be not be able to join this community or view its entries."

So make sure you have stored your birthdate correctly in your LiveJournal registration, otherwise you won't be able to join this community.


x - This is specifically an Ai no Kusabi fandom community. Please keep posts on topic with the subject.
x - Please be curteous of other members. Keep vulgar words to a minimum, even though this is an adult community.

If you have any problems what-so-ever then please contact a mod. suxxxann is the one more frequently on LJ.


Susan suxxxann

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