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So I'm a bit behind on Ai No Kusabi news - I only just found out that the new anime is coming out this year! I was so excited when I read the news that I went to go and get back into the swings of things and watch the old OVA and read some fic. Specifically, Taming Riki. Only, it seems that something happened since the last time I was around? Everything around the site is completely gone and all I can come up with is that Kira had some kind of religious revelation? Except I also found another sign in page that lets you sign up for a different website? I don't mean to drag up old wounds and of course I'll delete if this post is against the rules, but I was so saddened to see that fic come down because I'd only ever read Part 1 and had never saved all of it! What the heck?

Which fic is this?

Hey, I'm a newbie here but I've been a fan of Ai no Kusabi for a few years now=)!
So, I've been reading and re-reading Ai no Kusabi fiction, thanks to people who have kindly recommended fics; as well as fics that I've found online...
But that problem is that I can't seem to find a certain fic. Can you guys help me?
I remember that it's quite long and it's about Iason/Riki [well. duh=)...] and there's a part where Iason lets Riki go back to Ceres for a while and Riki buys some red Aristian earrings for him, intending to give it to him when he goes back to Iason. But due to circumstances, Riki fails to go back on time... This is only a small part but it stands out most in my memory=)
So, can someone tell me what the fic's called and who's the author?
Thanks a lot-)!


Um, hi :D

I'm new to this community, never thought of searching an Ai no kusabi community from Livejournal :D

I was just wondering since you seem to be familiar with Kira Takenouchi and her work. Does anyone know what's going on there... there's no updates, yahoo groups disappeared, and I can't get trough to Kira... She or anyone else is not answering to my messages. I'm still waiting for the third book, I ordered and paid for it like 2 years ago, when we first were able to preorder them... it was a long long time ago, in the old sites. And later after her breakdown and all, when Kira came back, she promised me I would still get the book, since I have paid for it and didn't ask for a refund while the site was down.

... I'm just wondering if anyone knows what is going on D: Did she find god again? xD

Finding Taming Riki.

Hi guys, Im new to the Group =) . A few days ago I watched Ai No Kusabi , and it took m breath away. It was so beautiful but the ending broke my heart. Later on I discovered an extensive fan ficion written by Kira Takenouchi calle"d "Taming Riki" . Its a beautiful fan fiction written about the 3 years Riki spent as Iason's pet and also contains other plots and a different ending I suppose. But after becoming intriged by this fiction I discovered , much to my utter dissappointment that the author had taken it off most sites and mandates people to pay her for this fiction. Which made me very sad =(. since is such a beautiful piece of work , i would love to finish reading it. Now many of you are going to say "just buy the book "or "pay her 10 bucks a month" but since I am not a US/UK resident buying those books at 30 dollars per volume and importing them to where I live will be very costly. And paying via creadit card to her for 10 bucks a month to read her fan fiction just doenst seem fair to me. So please guys , if you know where i can find a completed version of "Taming Riki" By Kira Takenouchi. I will be forever grateful