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Ai no Kusabi #1

An evening belonging to silvery hues

The night strikes softly in the bustling city of Tanagura. The two symbolic moons of the planet starting to give off it's soft hues, not all that essential to the people who were already used to the artificial lights that were made from technology.

You were already bored and --- could you describe it, mentally exhausted to the point of cancelling the whole meeting itself and going back to sanctuary of your apartment in Eos tower. Now, newly made more enjoyable with the exotic, ferocious and untamed mongrel pet known as Riki.

Thankfully the meeting ended quite quickly ; though the ride back to the tower was nonetheless uneventful and boring.

As the door to your apartment opened by your furniture Daryl, you were greeted with the exceptionally clean and organised interior, just how you liked it. Daryl's respectfully timid voice flowed over with evening greetings, there was no sign of Riki.

As usual, the mongrel pet had no manners that the usual pet would have for its master.

Very entertaining, as usual.

An amused smirked stretched your face as you headed towards Riki's room -which was rather more like a training room- with a very pleasing glass of red wine clasped delicately within your hand.

- - - - - -

Riki's darkly tanned skin was like smooth satin, you had noted it the first time you had met that fierce boy.

You loved the way it felt through the silk of your gloved hand, the way the skin rippled like coiled snakes, filling the surface with goosebumps --- wether from the cold or from your slow touches.

You had caressed that tanned skin several times to point there was not a place left on Riki that you hadn't touched. But still, the thirst remained, to caress the boys skin until he screamed your name to the world.

And you realised for the first time, that those sensually soft lips had never screamed your name during the heights of pleasure.

As you probed a finger between the mongrels lips in wonder, the sharp hound like teeth bit down at said finger and blood oozed out, staining the priceless silk cloth. Your elegant brows furrowing into bafflement.

As you stared at the bloodied clothed finger, you felt frustration mixed worth anger like no other creep up from the depths of your mind. The only organic part left on your artificially engineered body.

And you take him, in hard and fast strokes without an ounce of mercy or gentleness.

And you wonder for the rest of the night.

How much had this mongrel actually changed in you?


So this is my first shot to ai no kusabi...this came out pretty short...this is also my first time writing Iasons POV, so I don't know if this came out that good, but it's pretty good in my opinion.

So here you are! My first shot to the Ai no Kusabi community!

I hope you enjoy it! (I'm already biting my nails from nervousness ^_^")
Ai no Kusabi - Riki
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Ai no Kusabi (2012) AMV

Hey guys, if you remember, I was looking for help with an AMV I was working on a few months back... unfortunately, I didn't end up being able to use any footage from the old OVAs, but I did finish an AMV using footage from the new OVAs. I just realized I never shared it here.

I have it age-gated, so that could be a problem if you don't have a YouTube account, but if you're able to watch it, I hope you enjoy it. :) It's also available on AMV.org here. It actually won Best Drama at Yaoi Con over the weekend, and I was there to receive the award, so that's pretty cool. Yay Ai no Kusabi!
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1992 Ai no Kusabi raw video?

Hey guys, I saw that there was a thread on this, but it was a bit old, so... does anyone have the raw (not subtitled) video for the original Ai no Kusabi OVAs? I'm interested in putting together an AMV, and I was hoping for the new OVAs to complete the story... but it looks like that's not going to happen, so I might need to work in some footage from the original OVAs.

If anyone has them, or has an idea of how I could find them, that would be great. :)

Books for Sale

Hey, guys! I'm selling my collection and thought I would give you guys first shot before I throw it up on eBay.

7 books, volumes 1-7, $40+shipping for the set.

I'm selling them as a set and will not separate them. Books 1 and 2 have been read, the rest have just sat on my shelf.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll leave this up for... probably about a week and a half, maybe 2 weeks if I get lazy

Books have been sold! Thanks, guys!

Looking for Ai no Kusabi original/older OVAs dvd rip?

New here so I’m hope I’m not breaking any rules....but...

Can anybody help my find the dvd or a dvd-rip of the first two older Ai no Kusabi ovas? Not subbed, but raw?

I think I saw somewhere that a dvd of the original two ovas was available somewhere to buy, but I don’t know where. I looked around the internet without much luck.

I came across this post (http://community.livejournal.com/ai_no_kusabi_/35078.html), but all the links are for megaupload...

I thank anybody for their help. I recently bought the dvd from RightStuf and would love to see the older version without the distracting subs. ^^

Media Blasters Asking For Suggestions For BL Animes to License To The U.S On Facebook

The title pretty much says it all! Link is here, yaoi fans~ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Media-Blasters-FB-Page/134953719921223



P.S: I don't have a FB, so can someone please suggest the yaoi animes Junjo Romanitca and Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi for English Dubbed for me, please~? :3 And don't forget to support the Ai no Kusabi by buying the DVD that is set to release on Apr. 23. I hope AIC will get enough money to start production again, and they better not spend the money on something else!
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Silent Jealousy by Seitoku Miwaku [Ai no Kusabi DJ]


Title: Silent Jealousy
Mangaka: Seitoku Miwako
Series: Ai no Kusabi
Pairing: Riki/Iason
Rating: Worksafe

Summary: Riki is flustered by his own reactions; Is there something in Iason’s behavior which could give him a reason to perceive what’s between them in a new, different light?

Download: here

Entry will be f-locked after 7 days.

Please do not remove credit page, other than that – enjoy! ^^


Production Cost of Ai no Kusabi/ DMI Allows Fan Letters To Be Forward To Reiko

Does anyone, by ANY chance, know the production cost for Ai no Kusabi per episode?

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately with everything that has happened so far. Media Blasters releasing the Ai no Kusabi to the U.S on April 23, hinting at a possible English Dubbed release for it (by the way, if anyone has a Facebook account, can someone please contact them on their Facebook page and ask them about their dub releases? They said they were going to have an announcement for dub releases soon, with one of them comment said by the end of last week, but they haven't really put up anything relating to dub releases), and Ai no Kusabi Volume Eight coming out soon. And while I was thinking about this, I went back to Anime News Network page for the remake, and I was browsing through their articles. That's when I remember that the Ai no Kusabi official website used to list the previously planned twelve episodes, and when that was replaced with the four episodes, a lot fans started spreading rumors about the cancellation and blah blah.

Obviously, AIC made absolutely no confirmation about the rumor and it's clear from their partnership with Media Blasters that they haven't forgotten about it. So, since the series is coming to the U.S and that we're  trying to encourage others to buy the DVDs, I might do some calculations because I remember reading an article on Crunchyroll (http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2011/10/30-1/how-much-does-one-episode-of-anime-cost-to-make) how much is put in the production of anime series PER EPISODE. Unfortunately, ANN does not list the production cost per episode for the remake, so I was hoping someone here might give me an estimated guess here.

Since I'm not sure how much money the actual production cost per episode for the remake, I used a the anime One Piece's production cost as a substitute since it's so popular (and it was only the one ANN posted on their website that I know of). According to ANN, the production cost for ONE episode of OP is ¥10,000,000, which equals about $107, 817 in the U.S. With that One Piece's production cost as my substitute,  I calculated that we need about 7, 701 people to buy the Ai no Kusabi DVD if we want AIC to earn enough money through their partnership with MB to continue with their production of the series. I know it's a lousy guess equation and all, but it's the best I got. If anyone does know the actual production cost for the remake, please let me know. Although I'm pretty whatever the production cost is, we're going to be doomed...T_T Doomed to never see the rest of series since fans probably won't buy the DVD. Morbid of me to say, but I still hope fans everywhere can encourage others to lend AIC a helping hand. :)

In other news, I contacted DMI last week, hoping if they could help me find a way to contact Reiko Yoshihara-sensei since contacting AIC is utterly pointless since they never replied to any of my e-mails and their Twitter account is dead. As I predicted, they told me that cannot give out personal contacts to fans, but they DID say that they accept fan letters at their company and they could forward those fan messages to Reiko-sensei! :D No electronic e-mails, unfortunately. Letters must be hand-written and be sent to the DMI's HQ at their address:

1487 West 178th Street, Suite 300
Gardena, CA 90248

Anyway, it's just a suggestion (well, okay, more like a request), but if anyone does send a fan letter to Reiko-sensei (does she even know how to read English?), please ask her about the production of the remake. That was the question I was going to ask her in my message, but since they don't accept e-mails, I couldn't get it to DMI to give to her.

Anyway, please remember to spread the word and encourage others to support the Ai no Kusabi series by buying the novels and the upcoming DVD. :) (I wonder much money Reiko-sensei gets from the sales here and I wonder if she puts any in the production cost...)

Oh, yeah! One more thing, please support my FF. Net friend (the one I mentioned earlier) by reading and reviewing for her Ai no Kusabi fic here~ http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8893306/1/Realizations

Her story is very AWESOME, and when I passed the news onto her about supporting the series, she agreed because she wants the remake to be finished as much as I do. :) Like we all do, I hope.
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Ai no Kusabi DVDs & CDs questions

I'm rather new to the series as a whole, and I've managed to compile a track listing for all the CDs including dates of publication and CD codes (whatever they're called). In some cases there was some confusion as to the exact titles of some of the tracks, so I was just wondering if anyone knew where I can find some scans of the track listings pages of each CD's booklet. In fact, if you can tell me where to find scans for the entire booklets of each CD, if such exist, that would be nice. Regarding the three drama CDs Destiny, Nightmare and Resonance, what exactly are the contents of each one? I couldn't find any info about their plots. Another question I have is whether an instrumental CD really exists. This torrent lists one, but it has several mistakes, including titling the Music Best CD as a "mix" CD and several of its tracks not matching the track listing I've found for it.

In terms of DVDs, I found these while searching for information about the CDs:
- OAV Anniversary Special DVD
- Special Appendix OAV Anniversary Special DVD (I believe this one comes in the same Chara Vol. 25 that included Musk)
I was wondering if anyone knew what these are and what their contents are? If so, have these DVDs potentially been ripped and uploaded somewhere? If not, is there anyone who owns them and might be willing to rip and share them?

I was also wondering what this is, if anyone knows.

The last thing I wanted to mention is regarding Musk, of which rainbowfam translated the first page. In case anyone is interested, I found this raw while doing searches about the novels.