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The new drama CDs

I finally had the opportunity to listen to these, and I haven't seen any discussion on them anywhere. Some thoughts on them, along with some notes on the reading of the novels. I don't think I'm breaking the rules, but if I am...do correct me. ^_^;

Uh, minor caveat: I haven't posted to LJ in forever so if I screw up any of the htmling, that's why.

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The authors of the soundtrack

This is especially for Japanese reading people.

Under the line "music" in the ANK listings, you have 3 names.

Terumitsu HONMA

Family name (in kanji): 本間
Given name (in kanji): 昭光

Toshiro YABUKI

Family name (in kanji): 矢吹
Given name (in kanji): 俊郎

Tsutomu OHIRA

Family name (in kanji): 大平
Given name (in kanji):

I tried to do a little bit of research but not much came out of it.
Is there any japanese speaking member or living in japan that can add some trivia?

Their profile on animenewsnetwork doesn't say much. Are they semi famous? Do they have a webpage?

Is it possible to track who wrote each song? (I do not have the inner sleeve of the CDs)

Well, add anything you want about them. This post is dedicated to them. The soundtrack is beautiful and fitting to the story.


I've been looking for the AnK soundtrack for MONTHS upon MONTHS! I cannot find it anywhere! *sobbing* I'm really desperate here, would some merciful soul please give me a link? Or something of that nature? *puppy eyes* I thought I had come so close but all the links that i found on this page didn't work! *brain breaks*
If anyone could help i would be ETERNALLY grateful!

DE Visualization Reloaded

Since there was many complaints on Gigeshare, where Dark Erogenous: Subbed Visualization was previously hosted, I uploaded it on another server. It’s the best server I found that (it seems so) keeps big files forever. (On Gigeshare files are deleted after 90 days without a download – and I suppose the visualization has been deleted after all.)

Also, I compressed the sound into mp3 format (as it should be) and thus now the file isn’t 766Mb but 181Mb. So even if you have already downloaded it, you have a chance to clear 0,5Gb of your hard discs. ;-)

So here it is: Download

Hope you don’t have any troubles with downloading this time. If the site isn’t working for you, let me know – I’ll appreciate this feedback, as I really want to know if everything is alright.

And again, the visualization was made by Lent_san! I only took care of it.

Ai no Kusabi Drama???!!!

Hello every one,

I'm a newbie so please be kind to me! *.*

I am a fan and God knows how many times I have watched the OVA. Today I was looking for some more pictures and while searching I came across this web site.

I was reading about the characters and came to darryl when I saw this sentence:

He's mentioned briefly in the anime and plays a larger role in the drama.

and also when I was reading about Mimea, Raoul's pet, I saw this one:

She was a virgin, and Raoul had already found a pet to mate with her (he wanted her to have a child). But Mimea liked Riki, and persuaded him to have sex with her, saying that she wanted it to be with someone she choses herself, not with someone her master found for her. Riki agreed, mostly to have revenge on Iason. Raoul was outraged, and both Riki and Mimea were punished. Riki's punishment is shown in the second OVA (he's thinking about it waiting for Iason).

Ok, can some one tell me what is this DRAMA thing about? Is there a drama out there? or a Novel or something? Or even a manga which I don't know about?!!!

and can you please be kind to me and have mercy and tell me how can I get it?!

I will love you for ever and ever! Thank you     ^__^
Vash oops

The music of ANK

I've only recently downloaded both the OVA, but I'm as hooked as can be (truth be told I actually downloaded the first ages ago and promptly deleted it - bad me). The music, I found, was really good, I'm such a music obsessed idiot. I managed to download the soundtrack from http://community.livejournal.com/anime_downloads/ (recently posted yesterday), but the track I most wanted wasn't there. It's the music played when Guy is rigging the bombs, and Iason is on his way to retrive Riki. (Actually, the music starts with Riki waking up and ends with him being found.) If anyone has this I would be most grateful - hell, I'll even draw you something (the best reward I can give, I'm a bit of an artist). Or write? I'm pathetically desperate to get this music.

Thanks for reading.