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Ai no Kusabi doujinshi yaoi manga for sale!

Morning & Happy Valentine's Day to all!  I have asked and was told to post away on 2 items I found in my personal collection that need new homes.  These items are very nice/ sweet volumes of yaou doujin. The artwork is very pretty and I will be more then happy to take pics and send them to anyone to sample if interested. As a matter of fact if I can get to it in time (with 3 kids under foot) I will try to update this post with a cut tonight or tomorrow with a pic of the cover and 1 page inside.  I can't find info on these volumes online aside from what I know by looking at my volumes. I am going to assume they are so old that no one really has the info on them on the web.

Hyper Blac
Author: Yoshitaka Tokumaru 
Contents: Iason & Riki: Ai no Kusabi
Condition: Mint/ Near mint
Additional Info: some bubbling along front of spine. This has to do with materials and glue rather then age or carelessness. And 1 tiny fold along edge top.

Hyper Blac
Author: Yoshitaka Tokumaru
Ai no Kusabi Book
Riki & Iason
Condition: Mint / Near mint
Price: $20

Please do let me know if anyone would like to get these for their collections. Shipping based on where you live and total weight. Paypal and postal money orders are accepted only in USD.
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