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So, everytime I came across some ANK graphics and icons I used to save them. Random, without writing down the name of the owner (and sometimes they were made by other people). I saved the ones I liked, so I have zero icons of Guy, Kirie and stills I didn't like. On the other hand I like all the images of Tanagura taken from afar, the combination of blue and purple always amazes me.

Now I have uploaded for this community 5 other icons (still using the old as a default one). If you are one of the creators and wants to be credited, please reply to this post or PM. The original owner of the one with Iason "sucking" doesn't even remember where she got it. Now please go to see which is the one with Iason sucking :P

Other than that if you want to add yours or suggest about others you'd like to see (you like animated icons or not? you like icons with a sentence or without?) reply to this post.

I am asking around tips on how to make them, beside being 100x100 in size, but so far I am concentrating on the very long task of getting my own screencaps from ANK raw. It's a long process because I am getting frame by frame the images I like the most.

So that's why right now I am not specifically concentrated on creating icons (unless I feel particularly inspired). However, there is a russian site with beautiful desktops (wallpapers) and winamp skins. Hard to navigate if you do not know russian, but not entirely impossible. It's in the links section and it's called Annals of Ai no Kusabi.

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