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Well, hello, all. I trust everyone is doing well?

This is an important post, so sound the fanfare!!! Haha.

When Goo and I made this community yeeeears back, it was strong for a couple of months, but then it started to wind down. We tried many things- advertising, community posts, banner, but they didn't seem to spark enough interest. We grew discouraged and kinda' just let the community go.
Several days ago (I've been on vacation, so I apologize for the delayed response) I received a messaged from suxxxann telling, basically, that the community has picked up again! I'm so happy to hear this! :) Also, I apologize that I haven't peeked in on it recently to check it, myself.
Since she'd obviously been following everything that's been going on, I'm also making suxxxann a moderator! Good luck! ~insert fanfare here!!!~ I'll try to keep an eye on things from now on too, but I'm leaving most of it in her hands for the time being. Again, I apologize like woah for the neglect.
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