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question about the rules of pets

question about the rules of pets

I suppose we can sum up the things we know about pets with the following (if you want to provide correction, comment on it):
  1. Pets are trained to have intercourse within themselves
  2. So far the only one character to have intercourse with a pet is Iason
  3. having sex with a pet is considered degrading and/or banned by law
  4. In the very few rules we know of pets (how much to keep them, what to give them as identification etc), sex with owner is not mentioned
  5. even if we see only blondies, there are other "elites" namely the ones with silver hair, blue, red, etc. Do the follow the same rules when it comes to pets? do they have an enough relevant social status (and money) to buy and keep a pet?
  6. Only blondies are advised not to have sex? or also the silvers, blue, reds etc?

Ok, if we all agree on the above let's see if this part below is a contradiction or has a valid explanation (taken from the novel, chapter 2 near the middle). I try to cut what is not needed. This is a scene from Riki working in the black market with Katze and having to deal with a special breed of pets. Deformed pets.


Their deformity was not congenital or hereditary. They were purposefully made in such way by means of genetic manipulation.
To prevent them from being picky about their clients, their eyes were put out, and in order that they should not hurt the customer's genitals during oral sex sessions, their teeth were pulled. Besides, since a very early age, they were trained exclusively and severely in sexual techniques.
Paying no notice to their appearance, the clients knocked at the door of the rooms specializing in their favourite sexual position. They had been made to provide them the greatest pleasure in those positions.
Condemned to be locked up for life in the cage appointed for them, just deformed sexual dolls…
Flying at top speed, it took only three days to get to the far region of Laocon in the stellar system of Veran. During this time, he treated them as if they were simple merchandise. He attended them in a mechanical way, speaking no more than was necessary with them.

It is clearly said that "in order that they should not hurt the customer's genitals during oral sex sessions, their teeth were pulled". So the customer is supposed to have sex with the pets. Not that it says "the customer" and not "other pets".

The only concept the saves this contradiction is that later it says that they send the pets to Laocon or some other remote place so it makes you think that it is shipped (and sold) outside Amoi. But what makes you think that something like that cannot be sold on Amoi? So if it can be sold, why sex with a pet is so forbidden in Iason's case?

This is for me a contradiction. Discuss.
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