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🎉🎉 Vol 7 fan-translation (Discord) RELEASE! 🎉🎉

Amber, @junekusabi​ and I are proud to present to you the fan-translation of Vol 7 (part of the AnK restoration project), now available on the Amoi Discord server on the # pet-salon channel!

-> https://discord.com/invite/K6BJyZA ! <-

Come grab your copy of the brand new, 183 page long fan-translation of Vol 7 of the Ai no Kusabi series, including the unreleased colored illustrations scanned by @kaikold​! 💕

A must-read and big event for all AnK-fans: If you’ve read the official English translation of Vol 7 before, you have missed on a lot of content that was cut/possibly censored from the Japanese version, especially on those last two chapters 😉

A read-along is planned on the Discord server where we’ll talk about each chapter separately, so come join the fun! -> (You feel that after reading Vol7, some mysterious events leave you with more questions than answers? 👀 Secrets, part of the elusive subplot of AnK, will be revealed there on the server!)



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