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Project: Ai no Kusabi e-books

Hello, everyone! First of all, I want to say I'm not only new to this community but also to ANK. I watched the anime a couple of years ago and I loved it, but after that I didn't pay much attention to it... until now.

A couple of days ago I decided I'd read the novels, and not only did I find that the books can't be purchased anywhere any more, but also that only a couple of volumes were available for Kindle. And then there were all these weird links to partial fan translations... 6 volumes? 8 volumes?... What the hell was going on?... Until I finally found the clean official English translation of the 8 volumes... and they turned out to be scans. 

I kind of got upset at how much time it took me to sort things out and find the novels. And when I get upset, I can't stop thinking about what got me upset until I find a solution. So, eventually, I thought... What the heck? If no one else is creating the e-book version of these novels, then *I* will. 

And these are the results:

Folder containing the e-books (EPUB and MOBI):

  • Volume 1, Stranger
  • Volume 2, Destiny
  • Volume 3, Nightmare
  • Volume 4, Suggestion
  • Volume 5, Darkness
  • Volume 6, Metamorphose
  • Volume 7
  • Volume 8

My plan is to create an e-reader version for all 8 volumes, and then finally put them all together in a single book (and then anyone that decides to read the novels in the future can get ALL books, in their OFFICIAL English version, in just ONE link, and read them on ANY device, yaaaay!).

I do however need some help with this! As I said, I'm not very familiar with ANK (I don't even know how the story goes, so please avoid major spoilers!), and I could use a lot of help with:

  • PROOFREADING! - Please, please, please let me know if you find any errors/typos in the e-book. We can check if the errors were already in the scans (i.e. in the official translation) and decide whether we should fix them or leave them as they are (to remain as faithful to the official book as possible, I guess).
  • Suggestions - Anything related to editing EPUB files or how you'd like the e-book to look in general (should I include the picture of the back of the book? Should I copy the text in the back of the book as text in the EPUB? Etc., etc.)
  • MORE suggestions - So the official translation sucks, huh? Should we fix all these errors in the e-books? Should we keep them as strict copies of the paperback books? Should we release a "revised" version of the books after we're done?

Some of the steps for achieving this result were:

  1. Extract text from the scans using an OCR library (OCRFeeder, in my case).
  2. Compare the extracted text to the scans, and manually fix any mismatches between the two.
  3. Convert the text to HTML to create the e-book (I use Calibre for editing).
  4. Clean up the illustrations.

Not only it's boring to work alone but this is meant for you, guys, the real fans (including the future fans). So please, please get involved in this project if you have the time! :)


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