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New Ai no Kusabi Clip + Blu-ray Review Notice

Hi, everyone! I hope all of you are getting a good start in the new year. :) Today, Media Blasters uploaded a new English dub clip for Ai no Kusabi on their Twitter in order to help promote the release.

I also want to take this opporunity to announce that I have received my copy of the Blu-ray last week and had time to watch and examine both the English dub and subtitles. I plan to post an in-depth review of the Blu-ray release on the LJ as soon as I can. Whether you like English dubs or not, please buy the DVD/Blu-ray to help support the series! AIC gets a sizable portion from foreign sales, and with any luck, the money they get from foreign sales can convince them to restart the project and finish the remake. Please spread the word, Ai no Kusabi fans. :D
Tags: new ank remake, oav/anime

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