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Star-Crossed chapter 10: Nowhere to Run PART 2

Summary: Having run away from his gang, Riki finds himself in dire need of a place to stay and turns to Katze for help. But can Iason's former Furniture really be trusted? And what if Riki's destined path leads him back towards his old Master regardless?

Rating: well, not really any references to sex or violence... so I guess T?

Soundtrack: Galantis - Runaway

Later – after what could only be described as the most delicious and wholesome meal he’d had in a long time and after he’d gotten back home to his new spacious apartment – Riki got out unto the balcony, clutching Katze’s parting-gift: a package of Dark Baccalia’s. Seeing as how it was only six o’clock in the morning, it was still dark out and Riki sighed in pleasure and relief as the first wave of high-quality, undiluted nicotine hit his nervous system. Putting up the collar of his worn jacket to ward off the chilling breeze, it didn’t occur to him why he was even stepping outside to smoke, for the apartment was his to do with or smoke in as he pleased. Blowing out smoke into the night as his stomach rumbled pleasantly in fulfilment, Riki’s obsidian eyes were immediately drawn to the dark area beyond the nearby lights of Orange Road: the slums of Ceres.

It was strange how the few months since his return from Eos had managed to completely alter all of his ingrained perceptions, leaving nothing but a complete cacophony of chaos and confusion. He had always associated Ceres and his status as a mongrel with freedom, therefore during his imprisonment in Tanagura the hope of returning there had been the only thing keeping him sane. But now that he was back, the slums appeared to have lost all their appeal to him and he had come to see things quite differently than his fellow mongrels back at Bison did.

In truth he had reached the conclusion that Ceres was nothing but a death trap, a place the scum of society was dumped like so many mangled corpses left to fester on a pile of stinking garbage. They were free, sure, they were free. Free to make all the same mistakes their ancestors had made. Free to fight, gamble, sniff and drink themselves into oblivion. Free to throw away their young lives prematurely. Free to despair and free to die, as was every mongrel’s fate well before his natural time.

Yet Ceres was also where his heart had always been. It was where his past was, where his friends had been, where his whole person had developed. It was where he had gained his fighting skills and street wits, his first love with Guy, his undeniable sense of pride and his reputation as the infamous gang leader of Bison.

But there was no denying that it was also the place that had murdered all his dreams and hopes for a better life. When Riki had walked out of Guardian as a teenager, he had been full of hope, it had been the thing that had drawn others to him and that had made them look up to him. Because Riki had a sense of honour and purpose. Riki knew how to put his talents and what little resources he had to good use. Riki knew what he wanted in life and would stop at nothing to get it. Full of ambition and youthful ignorance, he had told anyone who would listen about his great plans for the future. He was going to get out of the slums one day, he was going to prove that it was possible for a mongrel to go far in life.

Riki could no longer deny that the environment that had fostered his strength and that had made him into the man he was, was also the very environment that was now holding him back, chaining him to a sinking block of concrete. As a non-citizen he did not have the official status that was required to ever get beyond the position of a messenger boy for the market or perhaps an unregistered temp worker at a factory. Moreover his life in the slums had bred in him a sense of self-sufficiency, criticism and pride that made it impossible for him to function as part of the perfectly organised, utilitarian system that controlled all of Tanagura and Midas alike. All of those attributes that had made him such an expert at surviving and even thriving in Ceres had been exactly those characteristics that had made it impossible for him to succeed at being a Pet in Tanagura. No doubt they would also prevent him from ever making a proper citizen of Midas, even if his status would have allowed it.

More importantly his Ceresian personality had prevented him from seducing Iason, which had been his plan when he had so foolishly chased after the blond that fateful day in Sasan. What an idiot he had been, he should’ve guessed that a Blondie from Tanagura would have never been able to see anything beyond the pathetic slumdog society had assigned him to be. From would-be seducer to worthless slave in an instant, way to go, Riki!

Now turning his eyes towards the distant sparkling spires of the famous city of the Elite, he remembered how as a kid he’d stare at it for hours on end, fantasizing about what it would be like there and about ways to go there himself. They had been the ridiculous, uninformed delusions of a child who felt unwanted where he was and had nothing better to do with his time. For even back in Guardian his dark complexion and black hair had made it obvious to everyone that he could never possibly be anything other than slum material, so none of the personnel at Guardian had even taken his education seriously. Of course Riki himself had taken his own education very seriously at the time, secretly hoping that his efforts would enable him to be one of those chosen to serve in Tanagura, then not yet knowing the terror that becoming Furniture entailed. Remarkably, Riki had demonstrated a great deal of talent at the time, especially with computers, however his dark looks had made becoming Furniture an impossibility from the start.

So what had started out as optimistic, hopeful gazing at the bright steel and glass city in the distance – sparkling like a splendid sea of countless diamonds – had become desperate, angry glaring at what he could never hope to have. He would never climb the many metal staircases – for back then he did not even realise there was such a thing as an elevator and that it would take someone days to climb all the way to the top of those towers – and he would never step out unto the roof of the highest skyscraper, surrounded by nothing but heavenly blue and endless possibilities. He would be doomed to forever scramble around in the mud, down below in the slums of Ceres. Ironically, Riki now realised that his favourite tower to gawk at as a kid was in fact the very same tower that he had been kept prisoner in by that Elite asshole.

Thus the young man had now reached an impasse, an unbridgeable gap as it were, between what he could do as a mongrel and what he had always craved to do as a man. For truthfully he had always wanted something more from life, something more than simple survival from one day to the next. No, he wanted his life to actually mean something, he wanted to achieve something that nobody else could, he wanted something for people to remember him by for all times. But it appeared that – in spite of his many talents and his firm determination – the society he had been born into would make that entirely impossible for him.

Deeply indignant at the injustice of it all, Riki tossed what little remained of his nearly burned-out cigarette down the railing, shifting his gaze from the alluring sight in the distance to the quick descent of the still-burning, used-up stick of poison, unable to tell where exactly it had landed in the dirty, littered gutter below.

Without even consciously thinking about what he was doing, Riki then climbed on top of the railing of the balcony around the same time his thoughts had taken a dark turn, and now he found himself up there, arms outstretched on both sides in an instinctual effort to keep his balance. As the wind picked up, he allowed his thin body to swing along on its rhythm, his feet now only resting on the cold, metal railing by their heels. But the defeated mongrel hardly paid any attention to his own rapidly developing peril, his black eyes still fixated on that sparkling edifice, thinking about all the distance between him and it.

As another, stronger gust of wind came rushing in from the direction of Tanagura, Riki’s balance began to falter ...

Think I can fly

As he was standing there, ready to leap straight off the railing to be swept away by Tanaguran winds, the mongrel couldn’t help but contemplate just how ridiculous he had to look, standing there like a young bird readying itself for its first flight. Unfortunately, he wasn’t nearly as stupid enough to think that he could actually fly. Or could he?

Think I can fly when I’m with you

After all, he had already managed to fly all the way up to Eos Tower, hadn’t he? Admittedly, not exactly in the way he had imagined that he would back when he was a kid, but still. He had actually been there. He had stood right there on the front balcony of the top floor, surrounded by all the luxurious glamour and glitter of the highest mountain top of Amoyan society.

Holy shit.

My arms are wide
Catching fire as the wind blows

Tearing his eyes away from said balcony, Riki turned to watch the rising sun, coming up from the far-away ocean in the east and shedding its bright orange light on the mongrel’s slight but strong form. The many particles of warm light bounced against and reflected off of the shiny leather jacket the youngster was wearing, making it appear as if his arms and torso were set ablaze by the blowing wind.


Why the hell am I standing here feeling bad about never being able to go there?!
I’ve already freaking been there! For fuck’s sake, I’m such an idiot!
I fucking did it!! I actually got up there!!!

I know that I’m rich enough for pride
I see a billion dollars in your eyes

So what if he’d had some help? Socially speaking there had been no reason whatsoever for Iason Mink to take any interest in him, for he was just a mongrel, a piece of scum not worth the attention and time of such an ethereal creature. Somehow in that one moment, those divine heavenly-blue eyes had seen him. Those glistening sapphires had seen his value as a human being regardless of his mongrel status and had determined that the price of risking Tanagura’s displeasure had been worth paying.

Even if we’re strangers till we die

So what if Iason Mink didn’t act like any man Riki had ever met? So what if he was fiercely proud, immensely arrogant, icily unapproachable, calculatingly rational, abusively domineering and insanely possessive? It was to be expected, for he was an Elite and not just any Elite at that. He was a Blondie. He was the Head of the Syndicate. He was the favourite son of Jupiter. And even if those social and official rankings meant absolutely nothing to Riki, for they said nothing about the innate qualities of the man, said qualities in and of themselves were undeniably present.

Also the blond was smack-bang gorgeous, he was so unearthly beautiful that it was angelic. In addition he was divinely graceful, his limbs moving like weightless flower petals in the wind.

I wanna run away

He was probably the smartest living creature ever to come into existence, his sheer intelligence and unforgiving calculation at times down-right frightening.

I wanna run away

He was also the richest motherfucker ever to walk Amoy, having already accumulated more wealth than any of his brethren or predecessors.

Anywhere out this place

Even his extreme jealousy had its perks: here was a man who was willing to fight and kill any and all competition in his path, daring to defy even Jupiter herself so that she would allow him to keep his illegal mongrel Pet.

I wanna run away

And last but not least the man was smoking hot and nothing short of a freaking sex god, giving Riki numerous surreal pleasure and literally heart-stopping orgasms, ensuring that the young mongrel couldn’t thoroughly enjoy sex with a lesser man ever again. What other potential lover that Riki had ever encountered could even begin to compete with so much eroticism and desirability?

Just you and I

Riki then turned around on his heels with feline ease, jumped down from the railing, headed back into the living area of his small apartment and ran straight for the front door. Racing through the corridor as fast as his feet could carry him, he made his way to the elevator in record time. After having hit the button to call the elevator to his floor numerous times, Riki decided that it was taking too long and threw open the door to the stairwell, taking two steps at a time and turning around the turns fast enough to make his head spin.

You and I, I, I, I, I

When he had almost reached the ground floor, he jumped down the final five steps but got down on all fours with practised ease, already bursting through the door into the hallway in the same movement. Shooting across the modest hallway as fast as a bullet out of an old-fashioned gun, Riki was quick to hop unto his hoverbike out front and was flying down the street only moments later.

You and I, I, I, I, I

Hovering down a series of smaller streets with an alarming velocity the mongrel finally got unto Orange Road again, shielding his eyes with his bronze hand against the brightness of the rising sun, momentarily blinded by it even if he sped towards that light. Pushing his bike to its limits – possibly even beyond its limits – Riki raced on while his environment and the traffic around him turned to an undefined chaos of random colours, making him believe that he and his destination were the only existing things in the world, all else lost in the blur of his determined speed. Out of that whole spectrum of colour, the orange sunlight the road owed its very name to shone brightest of all, natural light overcoming artificial neon. Due to the sheer broadness of the road and the lack of buildings in that area, Riki was nearly as exposed to the elements here as he had been near his headquarters right outside of Ceres, the desert wind making his black tresses whip wildly around his head.

You and I, I, I, I, I

Then taking the last turn right before Mistral Park, his right boot scraped the surface of the road as his hoverbike turned and flattened entirely with the force of the sudden turn. His destination now in sight, Riki nearly slammed his bike into the frontal stairs of the edifice he was aiming for, jumping off the bike and letting it fall where it may as his feet were rushing up the stairs. Having reached the top of the well-known panorama viewpoint just outside of Mistral Park, Riki made his way to the telescope perched on an elevation at the top of the monument. Turning the device towards the top floor of Eos Tower and adjusting some of the settings, Riki turned what had been a vague image of glitter and glamour seen with the naked eye into a far more precise and realistic image perceived with the aid of the electronic magnifying glass.

Just you and I

Gazing out across the vast urban cityscape of Midas, Iason Mink’s sky-blue eyes were immediately drawn to the black stain on an endless carpet of brightness. In such darkness as there was in the mostly unlit area of Ceres, even the Elite’s android eyes could barely make out the general shape of buildings. Somewhere in that dark, unknown jungle was the one his human half yearned for beyond all else, the black wild creature that had conquered his heart. My Riki. Where are you now, I wonder? At the thought of the mongrel and how much he missed him, Iason could barely suppress the burning need to run to Ceres as fast as his android body could carry him there and to reclaim the exotic, black beauty as his own.

I wanna run

Opening the big glass sliding doors, the Blondie stepped unto the front balcony of his penthouse in order to have a more direct line of vision. Not that it would make any difference, for he knew he wouldn’t be able to discern any people inside the unlit wilderness of Ceres anyway. But as the morning sun began to conquer more and more of the night time city of Midas, he would soon be able to discern at least the block of buildings towards the outer edges of the area, the place Katze had told him Riki’s gang’s headquarters were located.

Chase the morning sun when I’m with you

To leave all the power and glory of Tanagura behind would be a small price to pay to be reunited with the one he had now come to realise he loved. In truth Jupiter’s favourite son had been bored of it all for a long time, and when he met Riki it all became even more meaningless in comparison to how he felt about the mongrel. Those human emotions had lifted him up from the well-structured routines of Tanaguran daily life and into an entirely different plane of existence, a plane in which everything was strange but anything was possible.

Give it all away

As a sudden breeze came drifting in from over Orange Road, his long perfect hair was blown up around his head in what looked like a halo of sorts. In addition the smooth, golden strings caught the rays of the rising sun in a way that appeared to turn him into a radiant god of enlightenment.

Catching fire as the wind blows

Why the mongrel had been so determined to run away from him, the head of the Intelligence department was still absolutely clueless about. Had he not given Riki everything that was in his power to give? He had met his Pet’s every possible need and desire, inviting him to live in the palacial penthouse that was Eos Tower’s most prized residence, feeding him the most delicious and fulfilling dishes available, having his chains customised out of the finest gold that money could buy, allowing him to sleep in the very silken sheets that were supposed to be reserved only for the Elite themselves, even giving him a taste of the forbidden fruit of paradise that per Jupiter’s decree nobody should ever be allowed to ever taste: sexual intercourse with a Blondie. But none of all that had been enough, apparently, to keep his beloved by his side by his own free will.

I know that I’m rich enough for pride

None of it had been able to buy the love and devotion of the one person he truly wished it from. For no money in the world could ever buy that what truly mattered, that which no price could possibly be put on, that which was per definition priceless: Riki’s love.

I see a billion dollars in your eyes

At this point he simply did not care anymore what he had to do, for he would do just about anything to bring the object of his affection back into his arms. Even if he could never justify the torture he had unknowingly submitted the young man to in the past, even if he could never make Riki understand how he truly felt about him and how much he was willing to sacrifice on his behalf, just having him close would be enough.

Even if we’re strangers till we die

But how to go about it without driving the proud Ceresian to depression and near-insanity again? Staring out across the slowly-illuminated landscape in front of him, as if hoping to finally find the answer to this burning question somewhere out there, Iason’s supernaturally perceptive android eyes suddenly detected something unusual near the outskirts of Mistral Park.

I wanna run away

From one of the highest points in Midas, he had caught the tell-tale shimmer of reflected light that indicated that someone had to be looking right at him with a telescopic device of some kind. Knowing that looking at the balcony of a private home in Tanagura was an offence punishable by death, the Head of the Syndicate wondered who would be stupid enough to risk his life only to catch a glimpse of him.

I wanna run away

Turning his all-seeing, strikingly bright eyes towards the offender, Lord Mink tried to make out the shape of the person watching him in between the blinding shimmers of light reflecting off of the surface of the distant telescope, his curiosity preventing him from contacting the authorities in that area of Midas straight away.

Anywhere out this place

Utter surprise and complete shock struck him as he managed to make out what the figure spying him through the looking glass was doing with the hand he had put up high in the air. The middle finger was stretched out as the rest of the fingers were still curled into a fist, forming the universal sign for what was bluntly known as “fuck you”.

I wanna run away

There was only one person alive on Amoy who would have the audacity to dare and offend the most powerful person on the planet – and probably beyond – in such a shameful, lowly manner. Uncharacteristically, the cold and untouchable Elite felt a small but definite smile light up his tanned face as he realised who he was currently looking at across a distance of many miles and social layers of society.

Just you and I, I, I, I, I

“Why hello there, Riki. What are you doing, going through so much trouble to stare at your hated captor and tormentor?”, he whispered in a husky-low tone. Even if the feisty little thing could clearly not answer him, Iason’s imagination had no difficulties conjuring up a series of possible rude responses, one more insulting than another but all equally endearing to him.

Half-tempted to rush out and meet his mongrel, Iason was only prevented from doing so by the knowledge that by the time he got there the handsome young man would have surely gone. For undoubtedly Riki knew all too well that he was playing with fire by gawking at his Master so openly, as if daring the Elite to come after him.

You and I, I, I, I, I

“Not to worry, my darling Pet. We will be reunited sooner than you think”, the blond stated in a deep voice of smooth velvet. The emptiness of the room did not speaking against it and thus appeared to confirm the statement by its lack of response. Soon the disagreeing voice of the human he secretly admired would return to where it belonged, disagreeing with his every sentence and questioning all of the decisions that he made. All of the carefully orchestrated arrangements that the cunning android had constructed in coalition with his recently-required supporters – be they Elite, Furniture or Pet – would soon bear fruit.

You and I, I, I, I, I

Peering at the far-off balcony through the lens, Riki was amazed at how accurate and detailed the image it showed him was. For a second he even believed that he was back there on that balcony again, smoking Dark Baccalia’s and turning from the impressive cityscape only to come face to face with the even more impressive object of both his utter dread and his complete longing. Gasping at the slight shock of the unexpected sight, Riki altered the settings of the scope with trembling fingers and was granted an even more intimate view of his former Master’s attractive form. The mongrel couldn’t help but marvel at his luck: “No shit, what are the chances of him being out on that balcony just as I decide to have a peek?”

You and I, I, I, I, I

When the perfectly sculpted body in the focus of his viewing lens unexpectedly turned in his direction and looked straight at him, Riki nearly fell off the top step of the small elevation the scope was mounted on. What the hell, the bastard knows that I’m watching him!
After a couple of seconds he then realised just how absolutely ridiculous that idea was. Of course the Blondie couldn’t possibly know that it was Riki watching him! Maybe he saw the scope’s reflection and simply thought someone was watching him from that direction?

Sighing in relief, the former slum dog turned back to the scope and peeped back through the viewing tube, only to have that simultaneously anxious and delicious shock fill him to the brim once more! For now a slight but clearly-present, terrible smile had appeared on those pleasing pale features, rendering their abstract beauty even more malevolent because of the raw, predatory emotions they now displayed so powerfully.

Holy smokes! He really is watching me as much as I’m watching him! How can this be?!

Temporarily unsure of how to respond, Riki settled on reacting in a way that probably hid his fear well enough but was decidedly far too bold for his own good. Stepping away from the scope and standing in full view of one of the bright street lanterns of the panorama setting, Riki lifted up a fist and then stretched his middle finger upwards in a universally offensive challenge.

That’ll teach you to smile at me, psychotic motherfucking creep!

Just you and I
To Be Continued ...
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