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Call to the owner!!

....and now header is gone as well :((

Hello to all members and hopefully the owner Susan,

This comm become sad and lonely place but it's always on my mind and constant source of stress. I want to do something for this comm and yet I can't.
Ai no Kusabi is clasic, "first" yaoi anime for many here and as such, being trendy or not atm AnK comm could/should stay and wait for some better times and new readers/admirers or at least hibernate meanwhile... 'till better times come.

I'd hate to see it deleted but I'm worried what would happen to it eventually.
Susan, present owner was not easy person to get along with and this resulted in treating comm as her own journal instead of "community" and being reluctant to involve anybody else in taking care of it. Now that backfired and it shows that such behavior is irresponsible and selfish especially if you inherit legacy (she's not the original founder of this comm). Truth is previous owner were happy to pass comm to somebody new, but at least they take care of successor.
All this show that there should always be at least two mods besides owner and at least one of those should be "maintainer" as well so if owner is not available maintainer can make crucial changes needed sometime. The ownership can be passed only by owner so it does not question owner's position at any time.
Rules are changed from the time Susan inherit comm and now seem there is not many options:

" If a situation in a community requires intervention, you should first attempt to contact a maintainer or the owner of that community. The community's profile lists the maintainers' and owner's usernames; you can also post to the community and request that a maintainer or owner contact you.
If you simply wish to customize the community, control the membership, or delete occasional off-topic entries, your best option is to create an alternate community. While this may not always be the most attractive option, the community account belongs to its owner. If they wish to continue the community as is, they are free to do so. If the maintainers or owner are absent, there is no way for others to gain control of the community.

However, in certain circumstances, the Abuse Prevention Team can transfer ownership of a community if it has been abandoned. Both of the following criteria must be met in order for the Abuse Prevention Team to take action:

  • The existing owner is unresponsive, deleted and purged, or has declared that they no longer wish to own the community.

  • There are situations occurring within the community – such as rampant harassment or spam – which require a maintainer's intervention.

If the above criteria are both satisfied, you can file a report with the Abuse Prevention Team. However, if you spoke with the owner, and they indicated that they will not take action, the Abuse Prevention Team will likewise not take action unless the situation involves Terms of Service violations.

You should include specific links to entries or comments which demonstrate the need for an active owner, along with entries which indicate that the community's members have attempted to contact a maintainer. The Abuse Prevention Team will investigate and take the necessary action to resolve the situation

This is how things are now. In the past I offered Susan my help with comm but she refused. I'm still willing to do so, but not alone (as I explained above) but I don't see the way to take over comm and Susan is unresponsive. I don't know what happened to her but I do know her health was not the best and there are great chances she may never appear again on live journal.

Susan, if you read this please do let us know you are around!

I'm afraid to contact support for now in fear they'll simply delete com...

So, if anybody has any idea how to deal with this situation,  please do come forward with it since I'd like to save this place!
Thank you!

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