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Translation errors in Ai no Kusabi Vol 8

This is my last post about Volume 8 translation error.
Fan translation done by metakite and me, many thanks to Metakite and her friend Toeko for the discussion!
For Chapter 12 &13, please click on:

Eng vol 8 p.19 // jap vol 6 p.21

Official translation: “There are those who say it is too much for the likes of a love nest,” Raoul countered.
"I’ll say it plainly; you know there are those who say it is much too extravagant a cage for keeping a pet.”

Eng vol 8 p.38-40 // Jap vol 6 p.54-56
Page order is not correct. The following is the correct one:
page 38, until the line "Iason was likely the only one of them all who ever changed his hair in this manner."
Followed by page 39-40: "It would be hard to sense what Iason was thinking...............Unable to deny the truth of those words."
Followed by page 38-39: "Riki grabbed onto Guy's arm. "Guy, stop."........... What was even more unbelievable was the look on Riki's face, as if he knew."
Followed by page 40:
The slumdogs were only too aware that not only just Riki but Guy..........."

With two translation errors:
Official translation: “I always wondered what those six months of imprisonment meant.”
p.38: "I always wondered what that half a month of imprisonment meant."


Usually, It would be hard to sense the inorganic nature of Iason.
The grace of his movements…….. bionic optics.
The difference between blondie and other elite was obvious: the gap of absolute hierarchy.
The only thing purely organic were the unaugmented parts of his original brain, but the sense of existence of Iason overwhelmed his artificial nature.
When the Bison’s member knew the one standing in front of them was Tanagura Blondy, they wondered what kind of joke this was, and started to petrify.

Eng vol 8 p.43 // Jap vol 6 p.63
"今更 見栄を張っても 仕方な かろう?" 
Official translation: “It is futile to resist me.” (Iason is speaking here.)
“Nothing can be done about it now even if you flaunt now.”

Eng vol 8 p.58-59 // Jap vol 6 p.90-92

There were sexaroids -- The most common sexaroids did not have sexual desire. Sex was carried out according to the program coded within the implanted IC chip. They couldn't perform skills that were not specified in the program.
Of course, it had nothing to do with pleasure; they only followed the program loyally. "Which was why in Midas none existed. From the most expensive taste to the most……………………….courtesans.

The Blondies being equipped to be the highest grade of sexaroids was unknown save to a very few. Iason was the only Blondie that put his "function" into practice with a poker face.
Iason's tastes was limited to mongrels, which was why he was called a deviant.
Katze did not have a means to feel pleasure..........----- or so Katze thought.
However, Katze was shocked when he knew the humanoid Iason wasn't just obsessed with Riki, he also lusted after Riki.

Did Iason's lust come from the fact that he was the highest grade sexaroid with artificial genitals?
Katze knew that was not the case. It was not about the presence of sex organs. The human brain was the origin of Iason's lust.
All of Iason's senses ..........the reach of an AI.

After all of this time, Katze couldn’t help but understand a fact. Instead of feeling a sense of loss for his genitals he should have, made him possibly deny his own human emotions, what he realized was the inevitability of human coming into contact with one another.

Eng vol 8 p.59 //Jap vol 6 p.92

Katze felt uneasy with what Riki casually said, and he was certain that it was not only a baseless fear.
Katze: "Break it off, it has been years”. (Katze was talking about Riki’s relationship with Guy)
Riki: “ I came by choice and it came back to haunt me ( about Riki’s first meeting with Iason and proposing Iason with sex).Because I swiped/swindled that fellow. (Riki is talking about pick pocketing a man within Iason's view and how he got into the whole mess so swiped works better than words like pilfered, duped, stole from, ripped off etc.) All these years, I’ve been wrapped around his finger and he did as he pleased with me.”
Katze: “If this is the case, then seriously you have to accept it. Dealing with Iason, even if you are justified, it’s no use.”

Eng vol 8 p.60 // Jap vol 6 p.93

"No, I'm saying that you are the one who's dragged a Blondie, a man who's the very incarnation of pride, down to the mere level of a sexaroid."

Eng vol 8 p.79 // Jap Vol 6 p.120

Riki was thinking if he should ask Katze the question as an exchange for information, because Katze seemed to wonder why Riki has been moved to Apathia, since Katze didn't asked.

Eng vol 8 p.101 // Jap Vol 6  p.157

"Then, I no longer have the right to think about you anymore?"

Eng vol 8 p.127 // Jap Vol 6 p.202
Official translation:
“Slumdogs don’t belong in Apatia.”
“Riki suits being pet to a Blondy admirably.”

” Blondypet相応だと思うが?
"Apatia is not suited for a mongrel.
It is suitable for a Blondy's pet, don't you think?"

An update for Chapter 13: Eng Vol 8 p.156 // Jap Vol 6 p.269

Official translation: Iason’s first and last act of compassion.
IASONがその身でしてくれた、土壇場での最初最後好意。それは,過去みをってあまりあった。Iason’s first and last act of kindness, more than compensated for the pain he brought in the past.
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