November 2nd, 2020

Ai no Kusabi: Vol7 Retranslation Project announcement

What were your first impressions when you read Vol7&8 of the AnK paperback series?

You may have noticed the illustrator had changed, but did you know the English translator had too, and that less than 50% of the book you’ve read is accurate, and that 45% of the original Japanese text has been cut/censored compared to the English version? Would you like to read it?

If so; then allow me to present to you the project that started on the Amoi discord server in August 2020: the restoration/retranslation project of volume 7&8.

Thanks to Kaikold who scanned & uploaded the Japanese original volumes on GGdrive, the official English version was compared to the Japanese in tables and a first draft of the retranslation has been completed.

The project will now enter the proofreading stage for Volume 7(checking the accuracy of the fan-translation & some editing), and I’d like to share the results on this first stage:

During translation, 3 different colors have been used to “rate” the official English version of vol7:

Green is for the text that is correct (だから——というわけでもないが。ここ五日ほど、リキの足は別館から遠のいていた。Official: But this is not the reason why, for the last five days, Riki has not set foot in the salon.)

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