April 8th, 2016

Star-Crossed Chapter 3: Out on the Town

Summary: Riki and his gang are cruising through Midas, just out for kicks and some quick cash. But when they have a run-in with the Dark Men, Riki is unexpectedly rescued by an old acquaintance. But not all is what it seems ...

Ratings: I'd dare to say T for this chapter, only a few very indirect reference to sexual or violent stuff, but like I said this fic as a whole is gonna be a definite MA so...

Author's notes: Hi everyone :)
I’ve been feeling really inspired for this fic, so I’ve gone and written the next chapter already, just couldn’t help myself :) Riki’s making an appearance here, so naturally there’s more action in this one ;) Not yet any real smut, but no worries, I’m getting there ;) So I hope you’ll all enjoy reading this next chapter!:D And pls leave a comment so I know what I’m doing right or wrong here and what your expectations are for the rest of this fic ;)

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