April 7th, 2016

Star-Crossed Chapter 2: Coming Home

Summary: Mimea is taken back to Eos and is given a most unexpected proposal by her nemesis, her answer to which will determine both her and Riki's fate ...

Rating: I'd say M just to be sure, nothing violent or sexual actually happens here but they do talk about it in a very confronting way so, but there are no sexual or violent being described too explicitly here... can't I just rate this entire story MA straight away? Cause any story taking place in this fandom is bound to go MA at some point anyhow, either for violence or for sex, so...

Author's notes:
Hi everyone :D So here I am with the next chapter already, I figured I wouldn’t keep you in suspense for too long :)

I hope my Mimea doesn’t get too out-of-character, but then again this is a character we know very little about from the novels, so anything’s possible really ;) Only thing we know about her is that she’s very spirited and brave for a Pet, that she’s madly in love with Riki, that Iason made Raoul send her off to some terrible whorehouse in Midas and that Riki betrayed her feelings by not saying anything when Iason confronted them … Sounds like the ingredients for a truly poisonous concoction, right?;)

Oh, I’m again also making use of lyrics, I hope that’s not bothering anyone? I just kinda felt that this song matched the events in this chapter :)

I hope you’ll enjoy this chapter and don’t hold back on those reviews please!;)

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