February 18th, 2016

Amoyan ChristMass - Epilogue: Ice Angel

On Amoy there are two kinds of celebrations that go back on the Earthen tradition of Christmas: Jupiter Mass in Tanagura and Christime in Ceres, however each of these versions lacks something crucial... Could two star-crossed lovers, one from Tanagura and one from Ceres, possibly find a way to make things right and convey the true meaning of Christmas?;) This is the concluding chapter.

not really anything sexual in this, yet the bedroom context and such suggest it of course ;) so I'd say M

Author's notes:
So here it finally is, the last chapter for this short Christmas fic!:D Not much action in this chapter but I feel this is a necessary concluding kind of contemplation to this short fic, and I also felt that the lyrics of the song “Ice Angel” by Blutengel really suited that purpose (it’s actually a Belgian band ;) ). I hope you’ll all enjoy reading this chapter as well as the rest of this fic if you haven't done so yet :) But please do tell me if there’s something in my writing that you feel could be improved on, and I’ll be glad to do my best to make it so ;) Also any feedback will continue to be useful to me, as I’m going to continue my other AnK fic “Crossing the Bridge” of course ;)

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