July 26th, 2012

  • a_ngua

AnK novel vol8 pre-order

For those interested last volume is up for pre-order!

Book Depository.


Barnes & Noble:

Date is 08 January 2013.

Since date on Juné Manga is 26 December, it’s very likely it’ll be available on Akadot in December following their schedule.

I also asked about vol1 and vol5 restocking since nothing happened in June and until now, so I asked if it’s more realistic to expect it with releasing of vol7 (September), and this was answer:

“Digital Manga ‏@digitalmanga
@a_ngua Yes, it'll definitely be out by then. Unfortunately I haven't heard what's behind the June restock delay! We'll keep you updated!”

Well, I wouldn’t hold my breath on “update”, one simply has to check from time to time…