March 21st, 2012


is the 2012 OVA making you reevaulate your view of any characters?

Okay so i just got the chance to take a breather and catch up on some of my favorite manga and anime and i just watch the 2012 OVA last night. I'm amazed and just overwhelmed by how great it is. So often in anime the remakes pale in comparison to the originals and this was most definitely not the case in AnK2012.

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Now the biggest thing for me about this OVA was Guy. I feel so much more sympathetic to him in this ova than i did in the first one or the novels. I think the three years was felt here more than in the other two. There was so much intimacy between them that had faded until it was just Guy reaching out for Riki (Especially in the hair cutting scene. GUH! I loved it so much ♥).

The funny thing is i never really gave Guy more than a passing consideration before. I mean yes, he was Riki's old lover and yes he was loyal (in the sense that he truly loved Riki) but i always looked at him as "the crazy douche-bag who cut off Riki's man bits". This OVA has made me see him in a new light, the abandoned, slighted lover.

So that got me wondering do you see any characters in a new light because of the 2012 OVA?