January 26th, 2012

Question about pet rings

I've always assumed that the pet ring went around the penis, like a cock ring. But something made me wonder if maybe it actually goes around the base of the balls — the part where the scrotum attaches to the body.

When Guy removes Riki's pet ring, Riki tells Katze that now they're the same. Katze, as a furniture, is a eunuch. A eunuch is a male that's been castrated. Castration is "is any action, surgical, chemical, or otherwise, by which a male loses the functions of the testicles or a female loses the functions of the ovaries." (Wikipedia)

If the pet ring were a cock ring, and Guy cut off Riki's penis, then Riki wouldn't be the same as Katze, would he?

(Disclaimer: I've only watched the original two-part OVA, so if this has been explained in the novel or the 2012 OVA, then I apologize for the spam.)