April 19th, 2009


Iason and Raoul?

Poll #1385916 Poll about Raoul and Iason as tentative couple

There are some fan fics and fans' opinions that hint/display Raoul and Iason as past/current lovers. What is your position on that considering there is no such thing suggested in the anime/CDdrama/novel? (feel free to elaborate)

Raoul seems to me calculating, detached and power-hungry almost to the point of wishing to take Iason's place in the syndicate. No love there!
Raoul seems to me a dear and loyal friend, at most he is appalled by Iason's actions but he is overall only a genuinely concerned soulmate. That's what friends are for!
Raoul might be attracted to Iason but fails to come clear because of Tanagura's social rules that he absolutely doesn't want to break. Love requires courage!
I can believe that prior to the OVAs, Raoul and Iason were lovers and he hates Riki with a passion for obvious reasons. Jealousy is a bitch!
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2 Requests/questions for the moderators/administrators/LJ experts

I have noticed that in every post, the "title" of the post is hidden because it's written white on white on the white banner over the black box (the one that carries the date/time). If you put the mouse over the white ribbon it becomes a hand and there is the link. Was it made on purpose?

Is it possible to turn white font into colored font, so the title is readable?

Second request is: a lot of other livejournal pages (including our personal ones) have the right or left part of the page with the "tags" section where you can click the "sub-subjects" and see all posts about that subject. Since I had to scroll ALL posts and ALL pages of this community to find something I was looking for (and it took me a good 3 hours), I thought it could be useful to tag entries in case someone wants to find at a glance the things she is interested in (polls, fictions, questions, images or icons uploaded), You realize that when posts pass on the second page, nobody touches them anymore which is a shame because it's like they are deleted and the same questions are posted over and over (where to download the ovas, Kira's related stuff etc).

If you "activate" the function of tags I promise to review ALL previous entries and tag them accordingly as best as i can.

Next poll will be about Katze and it will be multiple choice.

I have already thought about another one

Poll: Iason and Katze (READ question)

Poll #1386287 There are some fan fics and fans' opinions that hint/display a sort of unrequited love from Katze to Iason. How much this is credible?

YOU CAN CLICK MORE OPTIONS, just make sure you don't click both a credible and a non-credible

Not credible: Katze is aware of the class society rules and knows he cannot love a blondie - why waste time over it?
Not credible: Katze is an eunuch and unfortunately he gave up on loving a long time ago - poor Katze!
Not credible: Iason is Katze's current boss and Katze is a professional, at most he acts as a confidant at handy - mixing love and business is a no-no
Not credible: Katze's face has been slashed by Iason, hard to love somebody like that - just say no to the beaten wife syndrome!
Not credible: Riki, Raoul and now Katze... Iason is not a Blondie-slut!
Credible: Erotism is in the mind and Katze's uncomplete body is not a problem
Credible: Katze is Iason's most trusted man and companionship is important in any relationship
Credible: with all his power and wealth, Iason can surely find a way to apply a little bit of reconstructive surgery where needed
Credible: Iason has shown him mercy and appreciation by avoiding harsher punisment for his hacking hobby and placing him as head of the black market, that's love!