August 15th, 2008


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 Hi! Not sure if this is allowed. Delete if not. I have loved ANK for like ever. Just hadn't been actively reading stuff in a while. Not much new stuff since i last read :(  I'm looking for a fic that I read a while ago, and was hoping someone could help me. Iason helps Riki escape, after somehow they are found out, which is absolutely forbidden. I mean, as long as no one has witnessed it Jupiter wouldn't do anything about it.  This time, someone saw Riki and Iason kissing before entering the condo, and well all hell broke loose. they had some sort of an escape plan prepared. Katze helped of course.I remember Iason had to knock Riki out b/c he didn't want to leave, and then Riki's appearance was slightly altered and Iason had to pretend his mind was swiped.  At one point Riki intentionaly bumped into him, and he had to like pretend he did not remember him, pushed him to the side or sumtin.  So sorry if this is not allowed, I was trying to find some sort of ANK fic finder on livejournal, but no luck.