January 9th, 2008

Lotus by the_mc_garage

Regarding FFnet archive and The Holocaust Piano.

This is just a note for readers in this community who have been following the version of my story, The Holocaust Piano, which was archived in FFNet.

I had to remove The Holocaust Piano from fanfiction.net, because the program they use to upload documents reverts it to a previously saved draft, not the finished product. I would download my files and, instead of my polished text, the unedited version complete with character and plot mapping notes, errors, missing words and problematic punctuation is displayed in all its inglorious muck. Not only that, but when I would go back in to fix the problem, it would show the changes for about a month or two, and then, whenever they do their site maintenance cycle, revert back again. So there is something really strange happening there.

I apologize for any trouble this might cause with updates. Quite a lot of people were on the story update notification and now that won't work.

The Holocaust Piano.