July 26th, 2007

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Title: Because it hurts
Author: [info]sphinxofthenile
Pairing: Raoul/Katze
Period:  set after the events of the anime
Rating: Hmmm. PG-13, maybe a bit higher
Warning: non-graphic, consentual sex, angst and my poetic mood when writing this
Disclaimer: I do not own them, Rieko Yoshihara does. I make no money out of this, so please don’t sue! I also don’t own the song Prison sex by TOOL. I’m just borrowing it, clearly  without permission.

Summary: What could bring two people closer than the grief they share?
Feedback: Yes, PLEASE! If you liked it or not, tell me why! Pretty please?

A/N: This was written on request. One of my friends wanted a R/K, so I wrote it even though I know they are totally impossible to pair up canonically. (No matter how some of us wish they would get together.) Turned into something I never imagined it would. Sorry, dear, it’s not your daily smut. But hey! It’s still R/K, right? First part has Raoul's thoughts (in italics), the second has Katze's (also in italics).




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